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Mike Bithell unveils Volume concept art

Volume is the next game from indie developer Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone) and it’s a stealth action game about being heard. More than that it’s actually a futuristic retelling of the Robin Hood legend.

It tells the story of Robert Locksley, a petty thief who stumbles upon a volume, a training simulator used to train the forces of an ongoing military coup. With a matter of hours until he is found, and an excellent internet connection, he hatches a plan to broadcast simulations of robbery against England’s wealthiest, to demonstrate to the nation’s poorest. With the assistance of the volume’s tutorial AI he sets out to become the world’s first crime let’s player. Along the way, he’ll draw the attention of Gisborne, architect of the revolution, and many potential allies.

The game was announced back in August 2013 and it looks like it’s coming along nicely. To help show progress on the game concept art has been released showing the protagonist Locksley, his enemies, and some of the environmental elements. The concept art was created by freelancer Daz Watford.

[quote by=”Mike Bithell”]Bringing the motifs, fashion and aesthetics of a medieval world into a futuristic context was Daz’s job on the game, and I love the way it’s turned out. From the armour styling of the AI, to the gauntlet and quiver like battery pack on Locksley to the awesome celtic patterns on the volume projectors, he’s nailed it, and produced a cool tech environment with a British twang. In my opinion.[/quote]

Volume is set to feature the vocal talents of Danny Wallace and Charlie McDonnell. It also looks to be an ambitious game as players will be allowed to create and modify the environments.

Volume will be heading to PS4 and PS Vita as a timed exclusive later in 2014 before landing on PC and Mac a month later. For the latest on the game head over to the official Volume website.

Greg Ellwood
Greg Ellwood
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