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Bring the Bucket comes to RichMix

Bring the Bucket is a new comedy play by Tommy Lexen. It will be performed on Saturday 22nd June at 7.30pm at RichMix Venue 1 in Bethnal Green.

Bring the Bucket takes a look at the colloquially-titled chuggers (or “street fundraisers” to give them their official name). You know, the platoons of enthusiastic youths in bright t-shirts armed with buckets. They’re a common sight on British high streets these days, and for many an innocent pedestrian, another obstacle to overcome as you go about your daily business, especially on the already overcrowded streets of London.

Every chugger aims to prick your conscience and help you become a better person: the sick, the poor, the homeless, the environment – it doesn’t stop.

But who are the people shaking the buckets? How committed to their cause are they? And just what happens to all of that cash?

Bring the Bucket takes a comic look at what takes place between two chuggers as they change shifts and comment on London’s citizens as they rush by, each determined to avoid digging deep into their pockets or bank accounts. It’s an entertaining, lightly provocative dark comedy that reflects on a part of the moral decline in today’s western society.

Bring the Bucket is written and directed by Tommy Lexen and features performances by Kate Brown, Vikash Bhai and Neil Walker.

It is playing as part of a double bill of new work exploring “Stories of London” curated by RichMix.

Bring the Bucket is staged by BeFrank, a London-based international theatre company formed in 2010 by Artistic Director Tommy Lexen. The company focusses on subjects that encompass the bigger questions and highlight new perspectives on the world in which we live, both on a social and political level. More details about the work of BeFrank can be found on their website.

RichMix/ Venue 1
35-47 Bethnal Green Road
E1 6LA

Tickets for Bring the Bucket are £10 for the double bill and can be booked by calling the box office on 020 7613 7498 or by booking online through the RichMix website.

Greg Jameson
Greg Jameson
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