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Network Distributing releases more British film classics

Network Distributing has announced the next wave of titles within its “The British Film” range. The films released under this umbrella form part of its commitment to bring back forgotten gems with master actors and directors attached that were made in the UK, and there’s plenty of titles to tickle the fancies of the nation’s film lovers.

As with previous releases within the range, each film will benefit from a new transfer, an instant play facility and will be presented in special slim-line space-saving packaging.

Titles to be launched between July and September 2013 are as follows:

1 July

The Man Who Finally Died

British cinema icon Stanley Baker and cult legend Peter Cushing feature among an impressive line-up in this espionage thriller set in post-War Europe.

8 July

Abdul the Damned

The first film to be directed in the UK by German exile Karl Grune, the creator of Die Strasse. A historical action drama about Sultan Abdul Hamid II’s lust for a young Viennese opera singer.

The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection Volume 4

Milton Rosmer’s mystery thriller THE SECRET OF THE LOCH (1934), Charles Frend’s historical drama THE LOVES OF JOANNA GODDEN (1947), Basil Dean’s BIRDS OF PREY (1930), and Michael Relph’s musical DAVY (1957) starring Harry Secombe.

15 July

Twenty-Five Years

Peter Morley’s acclaimed documentary about the Queen from 1953-1977.

The Best Pair of Legs in the Business

On the Buses star Reg Varney stars in a 70s comedy about a third-rate holiday camp entertainer.

22 July

Gipsy Blood

With a score based on Bizet’s opera, the film features celebrated American soprano Marguerite Namara as the capricious gypsy girl Carmen from the cigarette factory.

Edgar Wallace Presents: The Missing Million

A wartime thriller starring silent-era actor John Stuart about a millionaire who disappears on the eve of his wedding.

5 August

The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection Volume Five

Robert Stevenson directs THE WARE CASE (1938), Peter Finch stars in Lee Norman’s The THE SHIRALEE (1957), Reginald Denham directs THE HOUSE OF THE SPANIARD (1936) and Maurice Chevalier and Margaret Lockwood star in THE BELOVED VAGABOND (1936).

12 August

Three Hats for Lisa

An exuberant, whimsical and utterly irresistible musical romp set in the heart of Swinging London directed by Sidney Hayers with music from Oscar-winning composer Leslie Bricusse.

Victim Five

Former Tarzan Lex Barker stars in a British thriller set in South Africa with cinematography from Nicholas Roeg.

19 August

Death at Broadcasting House

Classic whodunit about an actor murdered during the recording of a radio play. Shot at the then newly constructed BBC headquarters.

Edgar Wallace Presents: Crossroads to Crime

This crime thriller was Gerry Anderson’s directorial film debut, and the only feature-length film to be made by AP Films, co-founded by the legendary puppet pioneer in 1957.

26 August

Murder without Crime

From the director of Cape Fear and Guns of Navarone, this fifties film adaptation of a stage play about a marriage quarrel and manipulative landlord.


From the director of Cloak and Dagger, Terence Stamp and Elizabeth Shue star in a suspense thriller about a single-minded professor who sets in motion a terrifying chain of events with chimpanzees.

9 September

Mr Forbush and the Penguins

Screen legend John Hurt stars in this study of a man’s journey to self-discovery in the frozen isolation of Antarctica

The 14

Oliver! star Jack Wild plays Reg – at the eldest of 14 East End childrenof fourteen children who struggle against overwhelming pressures to keep them together after the death of their single mother.

Dandy Dick

A 1935 comedy farce vehicle for Will Hay – the first of four collaborations with American director William Beaudine.

16 September

The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection Volume

Four more classic movies from the vaults of Ealing: CALLING THE TUNE (1936) (Dir) Richard Denham, I BELIEVE IN YOU (1952) (Dir) Basil Dearden, THE FORTUNATE FOOL (1934) (Dir) Norman Walker and THE GIRL IN THE TAXI (1937) (Dir) Andre Berthomieu.

23 September

Edgar Wallace Presents Circle of Fear

Circus of Fear (aka Psycho-Circus) is a classic heist story with a chilling twist. Starring Christopher Lee, Suzy Kendall, Klaus Kinski and Leo.

The Terrornauts

Doomwatch star Simon Oates takes the lead role in this cult ’60s sci-fi gem, adapted from visionary author Murray Leinster’s novel “The Wailing Asteroid” by fellow Hugo-award winner John Brunner. Also stars Bond girl Zena Marshall.

30 September

Red Wagon

Directed by Austrian émigré Paul L. Stein, the screen debut of the sixteen-year-old Jimmy Hanley, the Rank Organisation star who would become British cinemagoers’ favourite ‘boy next door’. It follows the story of a circus orphan boy who fulfils his dream of running a circus.

Not Now Comrade

A British sex comedy starring Leslie Phillips, Roy Kinnear, June Whitfield, Ian Lavender, Windsor Davies and Don Estelle about a Russian ballet dancer who defects to the west.

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