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Sound of Contact – Dimensionaut album review

Sound of Contact are a very talented bunch indeed, lead by lead-singer Simon Collins (who is the son of legendary Phil Collins). They describe the album as a concept album and the subject matter navigates between prog-rock and space themed and futuristic sounding songs. The band members have been working as professional musicians and have been friends for several years, but it was only over the last few years that they have been working together collectively, as a band.

The album opens up with the instrumental heavy Sound of Contact and Cosmic Distant Ladder to set the scene for the feel of the futuristic and experimental sounding album. On Pale Blue Dot Simon sound remarkably like his father, complete with echo-ing vocals and the same tones in his voice can be cleary heard, it’s a catchy tune. Not Coming Down is a lovely, stripped down ballad, that let’s the bands talents shine and Simon’s vocals are piercing as he sings out the words. This is bound to be a future favourite band anthem. We heard this song being played live a few weeks ago at the album launch and to listen to the song live, with some striking piano playing, was really special.

Beyond Illumination starts with a very space age and digital feel, then in the middle of the song the song has more of a mellow sound which continues for the rest of the song. Hannah Stobart adds some charming vocals which suit the song perfectly with some lovely high notes. Only Breathing Out is a wonderful rock song with some crashing synths, wonderful drum playing, with an ethereal quality.

We love the opening to Realm Of In-Organic Beings, which has a floaty vocals warbling, the whole song feels like you’re lying down in a field, watching some clouds passing by with the wind in your face. Not sure what that sounds like? Take a listen, you’ll understand. It’s a lovely and quirky, off-beat number.

Omega Point has some rather over-used lyrics in songwriting, such as ‘shining like a star’, the song sounds like the main reason of it was to make the ending words of every line rhyme, without paying too much attention to the body of the lyrics, its not our favourite song on the album, we’re afraid. The album finishes with a song which is am amazing 19 minutes and 35 seconds long, in Mobius Slip. The album is full of interesting takes and quirks, this is another one of them and it’s incredibly impressive.

This album is wonderful in that it is truly experimental and the band have amazing talent as musicians. We feel as though they have a long future ahead of them and we would definitely recommend for you to try to catch this band live to fully grasp how good they and their songs sound live. An excellent effort from the band to produce a completely original album, full of so many interesting songs and experimentation that really works.

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