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Kick Ass Kung Fu comes to Sky 1 HD

A brand new six part series about the ancient discipline of kung fu will be making its debut on Sky 1 HD this month.

Kick Ass Kung Fu will follow Shaolin monk and martial arts master Matthew Ahmet as he attempts to teach the youngsters from inner city estates across the UK how to avoid a life of crime and violence though th use of self-control, respect and restraint.

Filmed on location in the UK and Hong Kong, the series promises a risky and controversial approach to combating the UK’s rising hoodie culture and anti-social behaviour.

Matthew will visit one of the UK’s toughest areas and select three residents, all under the age of 25, to take to Hong Kong where they will live and train like Shaolin monks. The youngsters will learn from some of the world’s deadliest kung fu instructors in a bid to teach them how to avoid conflict back at home.

Matthew Ahmet says: “I want to show these kids that the choices they make affect not just their lives, but those of their families and others around them. The goal of life – happiness – is in their hands and only they are responsible for reaching out and finding it.”

Kick Ass Kung Fu begins on Monday 27th May at 8pm.

Sian Eleri
Sian Eleri
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