Home TV The Middle comes back to Sky 1 HD.

The Middle comes back to Sky 1 HD.

The Middle comes back to Sky 1 HD.

Hit US sitcom The Middle is making a return to Sky 1 HD.

The Middle will be returning for the second half of its third season, which will see The Hecks having more of life’s ups and downs.

At school, Axl (Charlie McDermott) and Sue (Eden Sher) enroll in the same life skills class where the Ax-Man’s mortification is doubled when he is forced to team up with his little sis on a project. Brick (Atticus Shaffer) isn’t faring much better, either, as school therapist Dr Fulton hopes to improve his social skills in an attempt to help him make some friends.

Frankie (Patricia Heaton) and Mike (Neil Flynn), meanwhile, have a battle with an unreasonable insurance company on their hands after a fallen tree branch breaks the car’s windscreen. The pair may have cut financial, and parental, corners in the past, but when it comes to their car insurance, Mike’s adamant everything is above board: “Look we’re negligent about plenty of stuff. We vaccinated one kid twice for the same disease and the other one got nothing, but on this we’re square.”

The Middle will return to Sky 1 HD from Friday 19th March at 7.30pm.