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Autoheart – Lent single review

Presaging a much-anticipated album release this spring, Autoheart have released a single of their hit Lent to whet our proverbial whistles in the meantime.

Lent is an insistently upbeat track with rapid-fire lyrics that mesmerises through the sheer verbosity of the vocals and guts of the instrumentation. With themes of relationship break-ups and the absurdity of health-driven fads (the title is cuttingly perceptive about the self-serving nature of religiosity), Lent maintains an acid humour, and with the sheer energy of the piece, the end result is exhilirating.

There are two B-sides on the Lent single. The first is Foolishly Wrong, which is another gorgeously-constructed melody that maintains the theme of break-ups with some pithy observations: “Your heartache, my headache” indeed.

Stalker’s Tango may seem at first glance a contradiction in terms; yet from the first listen the disparity between the overtly seductive latin beat and the sinister, pleading lyrics, with persistent refrains of “love me”, marry to create a strange, unsettling sound.

The three tracks are rewardingly diverse and, whilst readily accessible, you’ll find yourself indulging in repeat listens. Lent should be a good indication of the quality of the album still to come.

Many comparisons to other artists have been made about frontman Jody Gadsden’s voice. Ultimately I think his sound is more distinctive and inimitable than redolent of other singers. The best bet is to listen again to Autoheart and hear it for yourself.

Greg Jameson
Greg Jameson
Book editor, with an interest in cult TV.

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