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Dancing On Ice week 5 recap

Last week on Dancing On Ice saw Anthea Turner leave the competition. Tonight, the remaining contestants had to face their toughest challenge yet – The Leveller. Who will impress and who will fail?

Each routine tonight had to include thirty seconds solo performance on the ice, it was destined to separate the men from the boys.

Coronation Street actress Samia Ghadie and her partner Sylvain Lonchambon were the first on to the ice tonight, and after triumphing last weekend with the head-banger, pressure was on Samia to deliver. In her VT, we saw her struggling while practicing her solo performance – will she succeed? Their song was Little Mix’s Wings. Both were dressed in white and Samia’s solo went without any wobbles, but we don’t think it was amazing enough to top the leaderboard though. They scored 18.0. Head judge Robin Cousins said: “Last week, it was amazing how confident you were, but you fell apart this week. You both worked as a team, but this week, that wasn’t there.” Ashley Roberts said: “You should have given me a fierceness, but it wasn’t there. I know it it, and we’ve got to bring it back.” Jason Gardiner said: “It was tragic. That solo performance really fell apart from me. You really have to step it up.”

Next up was Keith Chegwin and his partner Olga. Having been in the skate-off against Anthea Turner last Sunday, Keith felt scared. In his VT, he told of his problems with his ribs. Twenty-four hours before tonight’s show, he was forced to pull out of the dress rehearsals because of the pain in his ribs. Fear not though, he was well enough to perform tonight! Their song was Fernando, and Keith did his Leveller right at the beginning of the performance. It was great! They were both dressed in black and red, and there was a cowboy theme going on. We enjoyed their routine! It included spins, turns, back-crossovers and steps! They scored 21.0! Karen said: “It came right at the end, and its been a difficult week. Keith is our better skaters, and I would have liked to see more content, but having said that – it was a great performance!” Jason said: “I enjoy watching you because you as a performer – endearing!” Robin said: “More importantly, you as a man, lead the woman. Well done!” Ashley loved Keith! Well done!

Shayne Ward and his partner Maria was next to face the ice, and the former X Factor winner was very nervous. In his VT, we saw him tackling his solo performance with a gusto! Their song was Stereophonics and Tom Jones’ Mama Told Me Not To Come. Shane began the performance with his solo routine, and had the female audience screaming! It was great! In their routine, they included a lunge, forward steps, shoulder lift, rippling lift and a cartwheel. They scored an impressive 23.5. Jason said: “Hey, Shane! You take criticism very well, and I love the fact you incorporate everything we tell you. Start getting a bit more of a seamless quality to it. Well done.” Robin said: “You looked more confident by yourself than you were with Maria! You’re taking baby steps right now, but big skates to come!” Ashley loved Shane, and thought it was one of his best performances!

Matt Lapinskas and Brianne Delcourt were next, and having topped the leaderboard last weekend, the pressure was on Matt to keep his position! In his VT, we saw him tackle ballet and struggling with it. He began his performance with his Leveller, and – WOW! It was amazing! The dramatic music added to it, and he showed why he has topped the leaderboard. They included ballet steps, hop-lift, loop lift and a star life. They scored 28.0! The highest score of the series so far! Ashley said: “Oh drama baby, wow! You were doing everything! I was amazed.” Karen was proud of Matt, and Jason said: “That was a whole ballet of intensity and emotion. It was great to watch. I applaud you for trying something different on this show.” Matt was very happy with the comments and his score.

Boxer Luke Campbell and his partner Jenna Smith were next up, and in his VT we saw him trying to tackle slow-motion. We also saw Luke and Jenna argue about Luke not listening to her. Their song was One Direction’s Little Things. They were both dressed in gorgeous peach costumes. Luke skated well in his solo performance and had the girls in the audience in the palm of his hands. They scored 23.5. Karen said: “For me, it wasn’t broken, it was a partnership and you’re improving every week.” Jason said: “You are developing, but what I loved about his piece is that it was very wholesome.” Ashley said: “You had moments in there that were very authentic.” Robin said: “For me, the perfect Leveller!”

Rugby legend Gareth Thomas and his partner Robin Johnstone was up next, and in his VT, we saw Gareth trying to get into character and channel Michael Buble. He said: “I’m the Welsh version of Frank Sinatra, on skates!” Their song was Buble’s The Best Is Yet To Come. Gareth was a fire-ball on the ice! It was a great performance, and he was very light-footed for a tall man! They scored 27.5! Go Gareth! Jason said: “That oozed loads of sex appeal, and it was steamy, sultry and you did catch the essence of that track!” Karen said: “It was a strong performance. You’ve got the control, and you performed with style.” Robin said: “That solo was the hardest choreography we’ve seen tonight.” Well done Gareth!

Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle was next, along with her partner Dan Whiston. In her VT, we saw her trying to get into a romantic mood. She was excited to try the Leveller. Their song was Clown by Emeli Sande, and they were both dressed in dark blue. Her Leveller was stunning and we couldn’t take our eyes off her. Their routine worked. They scored 30.5! The highest score so far!! Jason said: “Beth, I know I’ve been tough on you over the weeks, and tonight you married your technical brilliance with the ice. It was really so feminine and tender, and I loved watching you.” Karen called it “beautiful.” Ashley said: “I love the journey to took me. You did it, and you connected tonight.”

Joe Pasquale and his partner Vicky Ogden were next, and in his VT we saw him trying to get his mind around staying on his feet for thirty seconds on his own. Vicky was trying to encourage Joe, and said: “He’s a better skater than he thinks he is.” Their song was Hippy Hippy Shake. They were dressed in purple and orange. Joe managed not to fall during his Leveller, but fell as Vicky joined him. The rest of their routine went without too much fails!! They scored 18.0. Jason said: “You do give us something to laugh at, its that bad. I sit here giggling away, but its just nowhere near where it needs to be.” Karen said: “I work with Joe all week, and half of that routine I didn’t even recognize. You do just go for it!”

Tonight, we were also treated to a Torvill and Dean performance. It was truly spectacular!

Beth Tweddle and Dan Whiston – 30.5
Matt Lapinskas and Brianne Delcourt – 28.0
Gareth Thomas and Robin Johnstone – 27.5
Shayne Ward and Maria Filipov – 23.5
Luke Campbell and Jenna Smith – 23.5
Keith Chegwin and Olga Sharutenko – 21.0
Samia Ghadie and Sylvain Lonchambon – 18.0
Joe Pasquale and Vicky Ogden – 18.0


Tune into Dancing On Ice: The Results at 8.30pm on ITV to see who leaves the competition.



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