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The Voice UK: Live Show 1 recap

The Voice UK 2012

It’s the first live show of The Voice UK tonight, and a week after the brilliant Battle Rounds, we were quite excited to see what the Coaches had in store for their contestants.

Tonight, it was the turn of Team Tom and Team to take to the stage, and, the pressure was indeed on as one contestant from each team will be voted off the reality show on tomorrow night’s Result Show.

The Voice UK kicked off tonight with all four Coaches performing together to show us how its done., Jessie J, Danny O’Donoghue and the amazing Sir Tom Jones sang Beautiful Day by U2 and what a performance it was! Sir Tom Jones showed why he’s still on top of his game! It was slick and it was smooth.

After the performance, we heard a few words from the Coaches, and then we saw The V Room, where presenter Reggie Yates was.

First up tonight was Joelle Moses from Team Will. In her VT she said: “I’ve wanted to be a singer all my life. In school I pretended that I was Beyonce!” Will picked Joelle because: “She went out of her comfort zone.” On tonight’s song choice, she said: “I wasn’t sure about the song choice, and that is so important. But, I have so much respect for” Her song was I’m Going Down by Mary J Blige, and she came out on stage dressed beautifully in a gold gown. She has a beautiful voice, but EF couldn’t get into it for some reason. She sang it well and in tune, but there was something missing. Will said: “I was on my feet! So, everything that we talked about, you nailed it. You were concerned you were going first, you shouldn’t be. You’ve set the bar high!” Jessie said: “That was so good! Honestly, you had so much fun with it. It was amazing and congratulations!” Tom said: “I think that we’ve got the best seats in the house here!” Danny said: “It was outstanding, and you’d do Mary J Blige proud, I don’t know her, but I’m sure Will does.” Well done Joelle.

Next up was Sam Buttery from Team Tom. We loved Sam’s first audition, and his personality comes through when he sings. He said in his VT: “To work with a legend like Sir Tom Jones is mind-boggling. It’s amazing!” He wasn’t happy in rehearsals though: “I’m bricking it.” Tom said: “I’m trying to reassure him, and I’m sure he’ll get it right on the night.” Sam’s song was A Little Respect by Erasure. EF loves this song, and we always feel a bit nostalgic about it when we hear it. Sam wore a very interesting shirt, and straight from the off he went right into it. Going into the chorus though, he went a little off tune. When he gets a bit excited, his voice suffers which is a big shame. He had a rapturous applause from the audience. Tom said: “Sam was worried about his timing in rehearsal, but tonight you were spot on.” Danny said: “There’s a great singer there. The falsetto is incredible.”

Frances Wood was next for Team Will. In her VT, she said: “I think the Battle brought round my competitive side! I told myself not to cry, but I cried my eyes out!” In rehearsal, she was in her element. Will said of her: “She’s always trying to find her own stamp on things, and that’s cool.” Her song was Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan. Frances caught our attention straight away with her strong voice, and her determined look. Backing her, she had male dancers and she was dressed very demurely which is a refreshing change! Will said: “Frances, I’m like so proud, because before we went live, and we had a Team Will huddle…You made me proud, you entertained. You did it!” Jessie said: “What’s so nice about this process is to see how much you’ve grown. I remember you from the first audition, and I didn’t turn around, and I now wished I did” Tom said: “I think its very bold to sing a Chaka Khan song, you didn’t try to copy it, you did it in your own way.” Danny said: “I thought the dancing was a little bit stiff, and the pitching in the beginning too. But then you were great!” Well done Danny for telling it like it is!

We then saw Reggie Yates in The V Room, where the contestants were practicing and where we could see how the show was doing on all the social networking sites.

Adam Isaac was next from Team Tom. EF loved him in his first audition, and his voice blew us away. On the Battle round, he said: “It helped my confidence grow.” On his song choice tonight he said: “It’s a big song choice.” In rehearsals, he was struggling to find his ‘Inner Rock God’. His song was All My Life by the amazing Foo Fighters. His performance started with guitar riffs, and Adam stood in the middle of the stage. Just like a proper Rock God. He took the song and EF thought he made it his own, and not in a karaoke style either. What a great performance! Tom said: “When he first came into rehearsals, he had a slight cold, so he was a little nervous about the key. I told him to wait. It was great!” Danny said: “I hope it came across at home the way it did here. I was sat there rocking out! Bringing rock to Saturday night TV is great!” Will said: “So, like, there’s a lot of energy. From here, it looked energetic. The band was rocking, the voice was screaming. The only thing that was missing, I know you’re confident on that guitar, it felt like you were playing it gently.” Adam came back with: “I don’t know if you know, but I fell off the stage in rehearsals, and I chipped my bone in my arm.” Bloody hell!! If he performed like that with a chipped bone, imagine what he could do when he’s healthy??!” Jessie told him to work on his vocals.

Next to sing live from Team Will was Jaz Ellington. Jaz made Will cry in his blind audition, so the pressure was on for him to evoke the same emotions again. In his VT, he said: “I won the Battle, and it was amazing.” Will said: “I’d dare to compare him to Michael Jackson.” In rehearsals, Will said: “People are being wowed about his person.” His song choice was At Last by the late Etta James. He was on stage in a suit and boiler hat. His first note, EF melted. This man has the ability to make you stop what you’re doing, and the fact that he’s an unknown and does that on Saturday night TV is quite remarkable. EF predicts amazing things for this singer. He reached the high notes with no problems, and gave us goose pimples. He received a standing ovation from all four Coaches. Will said: “Yeaaah Man! This is Jaz ladies and gentlemen! That’s it!” Jessie said: “Ohhh…sometimes all you can do it sit, stare and be in awe of someone. That’s one of my favourite songs.” Tom said: “He’s perfect. He’s a singing teacher anyway. He’s got the whole package.” Danny said: “I just want to know, do you write your own stuff?” He does. Danny continued: “I just want you to know that you’re an amazing singer, but my only worry is that you could be too much middle of the road, which I really don’t want you to be.” Well done Jaz. You’ve got our vote!

Leanne Mitchell was next from Team Tom. Tom said of her: “She’ll blow you away!” She said of her blind auditions: “I was most nervous. To have Tom and Danny turn around was completely unreal.” In rehearsals, she said; “The song I’m singing is not something I’d choose to sing.” Tom told her: “You have a wonderful voice, just feel it, don’t shout it. This will enhance your chance, so just go for it!” Leanne’s song was Who Knew by Pink. She stood on stage wearing a gorgeous black and white dress that EF wouldn’t mind for ourselves!! Her performance oozed soulfulness and sexiness. We weren’t sure about the backing dancers though, she didn’t need them. She sang the song really well, and actually, who knew? She’s great! Tom said: “She could sing anything she likes! I know that I said already tonight that Jaz was perfect, but that was too!” Danny said: “That was note perfect, but it did pitch over a little bit, you’re a fantastic singer.” Will said: “That last note you hit was fantastic.” Jessie said: “When I first heard you sing that song, I wasn’t sure about the song choice, but you’ve just won me over!” Well done Leanne!

Team Will was next with Sophie Griffin, the youngest contestant. Sophie was so happy to have won the Battle round: “I just felt so happy!” Sophie’s from Ireland, and having never lived away from home before, we saw her throw herself into rehearsal, but she was frustrated though. Will told her: “Don’t be nervous.”
Her song was Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia. Sophie looked like a popstar in her sparkly playsuit, which again, EF wouldn’t mind getting! Whose the stylist on this show?? Whilst she did give a good performance, she did go a bit out of tune in some places and EF is sure that’s down to nerves and inexperience. We heard snippets of her great voice as the song went on. Will said: “You made me proud. You know, that talk we had backstage, each one of you tonight have done everything I’ve asked for. The cameras are here, but behind the cameras are families. And they’re enjoying the show!” Jessie said; “I don’t know if I’d have been able to do that! You’ve shown your range, and that song is not easy to sing, and its current. Kudos to that!” Tom said: “The first thing that I noticed was the confidence on somebody so young! I’ve seen the footage of where you’re from and who you’ve sung with, the confidence in someone so young is brilliant!” Danny said: “A little bit pitchy at the start, but you should be proud. You’re seventeen!” Danny tells it like it is, no messing – and EF totally agrees with him despite’s eye-rolling!

Matt and Sueleen were next from Team Tom. He said of them: “They complement each other so well!” At the blind auditions, all four Coaches turned their chairs, and they chose their Coach via a coin-toss. Of their song choice, Tom said: “There’s a great chemistry here, and the song choice is perfect for them.” The song was Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac. Matt had his guitar, whilst Sueleen wore a long red gown and looked beautiful. In the beginning, we weren’t so sure, but when they went into the chorus we saw what Tom saw in them – their voices complimented each other! Matt’s voice is stunning. Tom said: “First of all, they weren’t sure about this song, but I’m so pleased they decided to do it. I think it’s a perfect song for these two wonderful singers.” Danny said: “You may sleep in separate rooms, but your voices are great together!” Will said: “When I was listening to you guys sing, I was imagining you guys singing together, writing songs, and I can’t way to see that happening!” Jessie said: “A duo is a tough place to be. You guys did such a great job, and the harmonies was great!” We agree! Go Matt and Sueleen!!

Tyler James from Team Will was next, and EF was so excited to see Tyler again. In his VT, we saw him talk about losing his best friend Amy Winehouse. Will said of him: “Tyler has power! He has style!” In rehearsals, we saw him getting excited about his song choice. Will said: “Tyler is a true artist. He just wants to sing!” His song choice wasHigher Love by James Vincent McMorrow. He started off sat on the stage, dressed all in black. We’re not sure about the divorce between the trousers and shoes though… Tyler really got into the song, and his voice suited it. Will said: “So.. When you were singing, I imagined that we were on tour together, and then I imagined after we performed we’d go to the dressing room, and all the girls would pass my dressing room, and go straight to yours! Everything you did was super, mega, fresh! You found emotion! It was dope!” Jessie said: “I loved the simplicity of it. It’s tough for a guy to sing that high. That was amazing.” Tom said: “If I had been his coach, I’d have done exactly the same as Will. I’ve never heard someone sing a strong falsetto in a high voice. Well done.” Danny said: “You’re falsetto was incredible, and I really do believe you’re an artist.” Go Tyler!

Last to sing live from Team Tom tonight was Rut Brown. Tom loved her: “The emotion she shows is incredible.” She told in her VT: “My father passed away three days before my audition, so that was hard for me.” In rehearsals, she said: “I’m nervous.” Tom told her: “I sang with Aretha Franklin once, and you remind me of her.” Ruth’s song was Get Here by Oleta Adams. EF always cries with this song, so we’re sure it’ll happen again tonight. Ruth wore a lovely yellow puff-ball dress, and surprisingly didn’t look like a canary! She looked stunning! Her voice was also stunning, and you could feel her heartbreak in her voice. Her range – incredible! She held it together, somehow, because EFwas in tears! The audience was nuts over her! Tom said: “If she’s gonna be judged on applause, she’d win. I must say I’ve heard a lot of singers in my life, but this girl is something else. She’s fantastic.” Danny said: “Amazing performance. To do what you just did, wow.” Will said: “I just want to like interview you….no real training and stuff?” She hadn’t. He continued: “You make me proud to be here. It’s a special show. The idea of listening to the voice. You’re amazing.” Jessie said: “I was crying, because I remember when I was fifteen I sang that song on TV and I was so scared. I watched you with admiration. Your timing was perfect. You did your father proud. You really did.” Ruth was overwhelmed.

We have to point out, Holly Willoughby was great tonight, and she’s very charismatic with the contestants.

Well, what an amazing first live show that was! We loved Jaz Ellington and Tyler James. The only singers we weren’t so sure about were Sam Buttery and Sophie Griffin.

The Voice UK continues tomorrow night with the Live Result Show at 7pm on BBC One.


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