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‘Savant – Ascent REMIX’: musical platformer expansion set to release on multiple platforms in September

D-Pad Studio, the creative minds behind Owlboy, have exciting news for gaming enthusiasts. The highly anticipated release of ‘Savant – Ascent REMIX’ is right around the corner, with a launch date set for 15th September on PC platforms such as Steam, GOG, and Epic. Console and mobile gamers can also look forward to experiencing the game on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android in the near future. This release marks a significant evolution from what was initially intended as a remaster of the studio’s debut title.

‘Savant – Ascent REMIX’ takes the shoot-em-up platformer genre to new heights, offering an expanded and enriched gameplay experience. With five distinct stages that surpass the scale of the original game, players will encounter unique challenges and enemies. From confronting Laser Sharks and robotic invaders to facing off against an immortal Samurai, the game promises intense action and excitement. New gameplay mechanics, including a double jump, cancel-jump, and mid-air powershots, add depth to the Alchemist’s abilities as you battle your way through each stage.

Savant - Ascent REMIX
Credit: D-Pad Studio

One of the standout features is the introduction of an endless Survival Mode and various difficulty settings, including a hardcore NES-style mode with no checkpoints. The immersive experience is further enhanced by a captivating soundtrack composed by acclaimed Norwegian musician Savant. Players can even acquire the full soundtrack for purchase on Steam to fully immerse themselves in the game’s sonic atmosphere.

In ‘Savant – Ascent REMIX’, players assume the role of the Alchemist, a character banished from their tower by an enigmatic force. The objective is to ascend back to the summit, navigating exclusively between two platforms. Precise jumps, dashes, and rapid magic missile attacks are your tools for survival against a barrage of adversaries and challenges.

The game isn’t just a platformer – it’s an opportunity to explore the musical universe of ‘Savant’. Developed in collaboration with Simon S. Andersen of D-Pad Studio, ‘Savant – Ascent REMIX’ allows players to experience Savant’s versatile musical style while collecting soundtrack pieces and remixes. A unique feature lets players customize their own playlist to complement their gaming experience.

“We got a bit carried away with ‘Savant – Ascent REMIX’,” admitted Jo-Remi Madsen of D-Pad Studio. “Our original goal was to release a little remaster to celebrate the release of our debut title a decade ago. However, Savant – Ascent REMIX has now expanded into something way bigger than that – it’s essentially a brand new game in the Savant universe!”

As the countdown to the September 15th release date begins, fans and newcomers alike can anticipate an unparalleled fusion of gameplay and music in the world of ‘Savant – Ascent REMIX’.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.

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