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‘A Void Hope’: watch the trailer for the 2D puzzle platformer

Atmospheric 2D puzzle platformer ‘A Void Hope’, which is coming to PC and Switch, has released a trailer.

From Elden Pixels, the game will release a playable demo for PC will be available during Steam Next Fest from 19th – 26th June 2023. Featuring the gorgeous pixel art Elden Pixels is known for, along with a soundtrack from acclaimed synthwave artist Waveshaper, ‘A Void Hope’ thrusts you into a collapsing city where residents are slowly losing their memories to become shells of their former selves.

A Void Hope
Credit: Elden Pixels

‘A Void Hope’s compelling mystery unfolds via the perspective of a couple searching for a cure for the condition that’s enveloped their city. Through their personal journey, you will unearth memories that may not always be easy to interpret as you grasp for meaning in a world where everything is slowly slipping away.

You are encouraged to delve into every corner of ‘A Void Hope’s atmospheric city, visiting different areas and ducking into buildings to explore inside. Via puzzles and platforming, you will find a host of challenges ahead of you and discover key items that allow you to access new areas and progress the story. A carefully crafted ambiance creates an experience that’s as emotionally engaging as it is aesthetically pleasing.

“We really hope people enjoy our appropriately mysterious first trailer for ‘A Void Hope’ and I can’t wait for everyone to get to try it for themselves on June 19th when we release a demo for the game at Steam Next Fest”, said Mikael Forslind, CEO & Creative Director at Elden Pixels. “I can promise fans of our previous games, ‘Alwa’s Awakening’ and ‘Alwa’s Legacy’, that this is our most ambitious title yet!”

‘A Void Hope’ is available to wishlist now on Steam

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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