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Walter Presents: ‘The Marnow Murders’ on C4 Streaming this month

Walter Presents is bringing German series ‘The Marnow Murders’ to C4 streaming this month, as two detectives determined to uncover the identity of a serial killer.

The series is based on shocking real events and stars Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Sascha Alexander Gersak and Alexandra Gottschlich. It was created by Holger Karsten Schmidt and Andreas Herzog.

When several murders occur in the small lakeside city of Schwerin, local detectives Frank Elling (Sascha A. Gersak) and Lona Mendt (Petra Schmidt-Schaller) race to find the killer, who’s motive initially appears unclear. This gripping series begins with the gruesome discovery of a tortured murder victim in his modest apartment. When the police discover the body, they uncover a chilling message carved onto his scalp which may be a clue as to why he was targeted. More bloodshed occurs as another victim is murdered in broad daylight on the expansive grounds of his wealthy retirement home.

Although the victims seem to come from different worlds, they both have connections to Marnow. Meanwhile, a group with ties to East Germany are on a mission to stop the pair from investigating. As the team tries to piece together how these murders are connected, little do they know that their corrupt colleague Federal Police Investigator Bernd Peters (Jörg Schütauff) is working against them and is trying to get their investigation shut down.

Walter Presents: ‘The Marnow Murders’ will be available as a full boxset on C4 Streaming from 16th June 2023.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.

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