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The top Country music revenge songs sung by men in the 21st century

When you think of revenge songs you naturally think of Country music but it’s usually a woman scorned in the narrative. Think Carrie Underwood on ‘Before He Cheats’ and ‘Two Black Cadillacs’, The Chicks with ‘Goodbye Earl’ or Taylor Swift with ‘Better than Revenge’. It’s usually the woman seeking revenge for being wronged in Country music. Sure, Garth Brooks’ ‘The Thunder Rolls’ is one of the most iconic revenge songs of all time, but it’s still the story of a woman seeking retribution against a man.

The notion that men could seek revenge for being wronged is not one that is very prevalent in Country music. Instead the man usually finds solace in a bar, a truck or in his boat, the woods or dog in Country music! It’s almost wrong for the man to take action in order to seek any redress for being wronged. Maybe this is a societal thing, maybe it’s a good thing in terms of male violence, who knows, but after being blown away by Ian Munsick’s recent epic song, ‘Barn Burner’ we decided to track down the best revenge songs sung by men in the 21st century.

Ian Munsick – ‘Barn Burner’

Munsick has plans to marry this girl until he finds her ‘birthday suiting with a dude’ in her barn! What’s a guy to do? At least he saved the horses first and no-one got hurt. We’ve got an interview coming next week with Ian where we talk about this song. Keep your eyes on the website for it.

Tyler Farr – ‘Redneck Crazy’

This video has over 50 million views on YouTube! We can see why as it still makes us laugh even after 10 years. Tyler is only shining his headlights into her bedroom window and throwing empty beer cans at her house although he does declare he’s ‘up for anything tonight’.

Luke Combs – ‘When it Rains it Pours’

377 million views and counting! To be fair we feel some sympathy for the girl in this video at the start when she decides to leave given the state of the house! We do think the line about the ‘ex future mother in law’ is one of the best lines in modern Country music though and maybe Luke’s revenge is ultimately about the mother in law because he’s certainly not the most stable of dudes in this song.

HARDY & Lainey Wilson – ‘Wait in the Truck’

Revenge comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In this dark song, HARDY comes across a girl in trouble and decides to take the ultimate revenge against the man who did it, despite the fact he ends up in prison because of it!

Dierks Bentley – ‘Drunk on a Plane’

One of the funniest videos in Country music history as Dierks reeks personal revenge against the woman who left him at the altar. No-one gets hurt in this song but Dierks comes out the other side feeling a lot better than he did when the song started so that’s revenge in our book, even if she knows nothing about it.

Ben Burgess – ‘Jackson’

Burgess is urging the guy in this song to stay away from his girl. He warns him that ‘I’ve got this big iron in the glovebox and it’s waitin’ just for you, ‘causе if it’s losin’ her or doin’ time, I know which one I’d choosе.’ You never know quite how the story ends but if you take a peek at who is in the cell next to HARDY I think you might well understand how he got there if you listen to this song.

Travis Denning – ‘ABBY’

Denning’s best song to date sees him taking revenge in his own personal, carnal way! We love the 90s feel to the video as Denning parties his way through town seeking solace in the arms of anyone who doesn’t drive him crazy the way his ex did!

Mitchell Tenpenny – ‘Bitches’

Not strictly a ‘revenge’ song we guess. He still believes in love, but not the kind she’s making with every guy in the club! We included this on the list because Mitchell takes a stand and throws her shit out of the door, which is a kind of revenge. No-one gets hurt though, unless you count her reputation and some name calling!

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