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Walter Presents: ‘I Killed My Husband’ launching on More4 this month

Walter Presents is bringing French noir thriller ‘I Killed My Husband’ to More4 as part of this year’s French Season.

The series is created by Rémy Silk Binisti and Henri Debeurme. It stars Erika Sainte, Tiphaine Daviot and Antoine Gouy. 

Anna’s world is turned upside down after the dark events of one fateful night. Her flawless image as a devoted wife and loving mother is shattered when she confesses to the brutal murder of her husband, who’s body is nowhere to be found. While in custody, a gruelling interrogation reveals that this family’s seemingly picture-perfect white picket fence lifestyle was far from the truth.

Detectives discover a shocking history of domestic abuse and violence enforced by the deceased against his wife, who finally fought back resulting in tragedy. However, on the first day of Anna’s trial, a bombshell revelation  makes her question everything she’s been led to believe and she realises her son is in very grave danger.

To have any chance of saving her son, Anna must escape from the courthouse before it’s too late. Now a fugitive, she begins the race of her life to finally free herself from her husband’s menacing grip and seek justice.

Shot in beautiful Rochefort, this series is set to stun foreign language lovers with shocking twists and turns each week.

Walter Presents: ‘I Killed My Husband’ will air for 6 weeks on More4 starting on 26th May at 9pm. Episodes will be available on Channel 4 Streaming after airing.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.

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