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20 songs we want to hear on Morgan Wallen’s ‘One Night at a Time’ World Tour

Morgan Wallen recently released his third album ‘One Thing at a Time’ and he’s about to embark on a HUGE world tour in support of the double album.

Cramming 36 songs onto his latest project (find out our favourites), even more than 2021’s ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’, Wallen will have no shortage of material to choose from when it comes to picking the ‘One Night at a Time’ set list. We may have got a sneak peek at what to expect from the star’s recent Bridgestone Arena show in Nashville but with such a large trek, I’m sure songs will change from night-to-night.

As part of the trek, Wallen will be coming to the UK for the very first time (his planned first visit was cancelled due to the pandemic) to play at The O2 Arena in London on Saturday 3rd December 2023. In anticipation, I’ve picked 20 songs that I hope make it onto the set list.

‘Whiskey Glasses’

His second number one, ‘Whiskey Glasses’ really was the point where Wallen started his transformation from successful new artist to global star in the making. A fun song that showcases Wallen’s personality, the track is an early favourite and to this day remains a fan favourite.

‘Chasin’ You’

With a dreamy groove, ‘Chasin’ You’ easily scored Wallen his third number one. A little more soulful than previous releases, the song highlights the singer-songwriter’s more sensitive side. While he may not have had a hand in writing this one, he pours his soul into it.


Released in 2019, this collaboration with Diplo proved that Wallen had crossover potential. While the heart of the song is undoubtedly Country, the pop production took the singer’s sound to a whole new level. I’m a big fan of the version he included on his ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’ release too.

‘More Than My Hometown’

The lead single from ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’, this Ernest, Hardy and Ryan Vojtesak co-write is a breezy summer-ready tune that is made for Country radio. In a live arena, this song sounds even better and I can already imagine The O2 full of people with beers in their hands, singing along.

‘7 Summers’

A rare blip in terms of radio chart performance ‘7 Summers’ should have been another number 1 for the star (it did go to number one on the US Country chart). I’m glad it’s become a fan favourite since its release. Soulful, groove-laden and with a strong vocal from Wallen, the song deserves to be considered among his best.

‘Sand In My Boots’

Can Wallen pull off a ballad? You bet and he had the balls to open ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’ with it. One of the most heartfelt songs he’s recorded (written by Ashley Gorley, Hardy and Josh Osborne), ‘Sand in My Boots’ is proof that Wallen has a lot more versatility as an artist then he’s often given credit for.

‘Wasted On You’

Wallen teamed up with the songwriters he worked with on ‘More Than My Hometown’ for ‘Wasted On You’ and it was one of the best songs on ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’. Pushing the boundaries of Country music, the song effortlessly blends genres while keeping the focus rightly on Wallen’s gritty vocal.


Hip-hop beats meet an urgent chorus that singles this song out as one of Wallen’s most under-rated songs. I go back to it frequently on ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’ and I love his vocal on this one. Imagine how epic this would sound in an arena once that beat drops!


The title track from his second album, ‘Dangerous’ switches into mid-tempo gear with an eye firmly on radio play. I feel like this song would be perfect in the mid-section of the set when fans have sung their hearts out during the first half and want to lose themselves in something a little more mellow.

‘Last Night’

The third single from latest album ‘One Thing at a Time’, ‘Last Night’ is surprisingly stripped-back production wise with an intricate acoustic guitar riff central to the song’s catchy melody. Has a break-up ever sounded so good? I don’t think it has.

‘One Thing at a Time’

The current single, and the title track from the album, ‘One Thing at a Time’ leans into an 80s sound and owes a lot more to Rock than Country, which is not a complaint. With a full band behind him, this song is one that could easily be a highlight during his live show. It’s sure to get fans on their feet too!

‘Thought You Should Know’

Writing with Miranda Lambert and Nicolle Galyon yielded this fantastic track, which became the second number one from ‘One Thing at a Time’. Putting family at the centre of the lyrics, it’s a moment of introspection that sees Wallen grappling with the enormity of what’s happened to him in his career so far.

‘Born With a Beer In My Hand’

It’s no secret that Wallen has spoken about his issues with alcohol, and the resulting fallout he’s had from over-indulging, so bravo to him for writing a song that’s so honest. If he puts an acoustic section in his set, this song would fit in nicely and it would be an emotional centre point for the show.

‘You Proof’

The lead single from ‘One Thing at a Time’, ‘You Proof’ rocketed to number one. Continuing exploring Wallen’s love for pushing the boundaries of the genre he belongs to, you could be forgiven for thinking this was another Diplo collaboration. That crossover appeal has never sounded so obvious.

‘Neon Star (Country Boy Lullaby)’

That acoustic section I was manifesting earlier in the article would benefit from ‘Neon Star (Country Boy Lullaby)’. The catchiest song on Wallen’s latest album, the simplicity of the arrangement is its greatest strength. Inflected with a little R&B vocal delivery, this is one hell of a song that I need to hear live.

‘I Deserve a Drink’

This one includes Devin Dawson and Hillary Lindsey on the writing credits so you know it’s going to be a potential single choice. Even if it doesn’t get single treatment, ‘I Deserve a Drink’ is one of the standout moments on Wallen’s new album. It explores his relationship with alcohol, even if he didn’t write the lyrics, and it fits nicely with the themes on the record and hopefully it’ll get a shot at becoming a live favourite.

‘Wine Into Water’

Continuing on the alcohol theme (which is making me thirsty as I write this), ‘Wine Into Water’ has the potential to sound truly epic in an arena. The song may sound a little quieter on the record but if you crank up that guitar and intesify the gentle beat, this could be a real surprise moment.

‘Thinkin’ Bout Me’

If this isn’t a single then I’ll eat my hat. Regardless it should be on the set list for every damn show because this song SLAPS. That’s a phrase I never use but on this occasion it’s the only word that fittingly describes the song. It’s a cool slice of R&B/Country that shows once again why Wallen is leading the modern Country pack.

‘Last Drive Down Main’

Can you imagine rocking out to this one with thousands of other Wallen fans? Another moment that draws from the 80s, it’s a foot-on-the-gas anthem that you won’t be able to get out of your head. In a live arena, this song could very well be dynamite!

‘Don’t Think Jesus’

The last song on the list, ‘Don’t Think Jesus’ is another one that could go into that acoustic section I keep banging on about. The lyrics for this one hit hard, especially knowing the personal journey that Wallen has been on. He sings it like he wrote every word, and that’s likely because he lived every feeling the song describes.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.


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