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Ahead of their C2C UK shows we pick our ultimate Lady A live setlist

UK fans are in for a treat this weekend (March 10th to 12th). One of the most talented trios on the face of the planet, Lady A, arrive on these shores for C2C festival headline shows in London, Dublin and Glasgow.

Lady A are no strangers to the UK and have also made it very clear in interviews they’ve done before in the past that they really enjoy playing here. They often change their setlist to include a few deeper cuts, so for example, the band often play ‘Hello World’ over in the UK yet it doesn’t appear in many of their American set lists.

Lady A
Credit: Luke Dyson

A recent Facebook message from Charles Kelley got everyone excited when he said, “I can’t say enough how welcomed we feel from the UK fans every time we make the trip. Mutual appreciation from both sides of the stage is the feeling it gives me. Gonna pull out some fan favorites and some hidden gems for ya!” So we decided to list what our ultimate Lady A set list was in anticipation of the shows.

Lady A have 90 minutes at the C2C festival, which we have aggregated out to being about 20 songs.

1. You Look Good

Great opener and a nice message to get the crowd up on their feet and dancing.

2. I Run to You

Brings it right back to the start, early doors and hooks in the long time fans.

3. What If I Never Get Over You

And then we update the catalogue with one the band’s most recent number ones.

4. Talk of the Town

Nice opportunity to sneak in one of the best songs from Lady A’s last album whilst the crowd are on a high.

5. American Honey

Much loved early song to hook back in those people with the attention span of a teenage TikTok user.

6. Compass

Raising the tempo a little with Lady A’s signature hoedown song before……..

7. As Far As You Could

We love Charles’ recent solo single about his journey to sobriety and the C2C festival would be the perfect place for him to sing it live for the first time.

8. Our Kind of Love

Keep the emotion going with one of the trio’s biggest and most successful songs.

9. Hello World

Another deep cut but one that UK crowds really respond to and another song with a huge message.

10. What a Song Can Do

Another new song but a real classic with gut-punch lyrics and a massive heart.

11. Long Stretch of Love or 747

Proper deep cut time. We love both of these songs from the band’s ‘747’ album and would love to see them played live again after some time out of the set lists.

12. Champagne Night

Gets everyone up on their feet and dancing.

13. Just a Kiss

A chance for a big singalong and keeps the classics rolling in, hit after hit.

14. Goodbye Town

Another deep cut but one that packs a big impact and would go down a storm.

15. Love Don’t Live Here

Starts the run in towards the end of the show in style with a early career banger.

16. Downtown

Anyone who is still sitting down at this point is missing out on the party, baby!

17. Bartender

Keeps the vibes rolling

18. We Owned the Night

And the main set closes with an old classic that raises the roof

19. Friends Don’t Let Friends

This one is a long shot but there are tons and tons of artists knocking around London, Dublin and Glasgow. It might take more organisation than they have time for but it would be great if we had a special guest section for this big party sing along. Don’t forget Ed Sheeran turned up during Luke Combs’ set last year and Charles himself appeared during Russell Dickerson’s, so it is possible!

20. Need You Now

No other concert closer allowed at a Lady A show!

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