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Video Exclusive: Celebrate International Women’s Day with Jess & the Bandits new song ‘Hey Girl’

Jess & the Bandits are excited to announce new single ‘Hey Girl’ is released today on the 8th March to coincide with International Women’s Day. Jess has recorded an exclusive live performance of the song for Entertainment Focus.

You will be able to see Jess and the band this weekend in the UK as they return to the line up for C2C again, another step in Jess’s return to live music following the birth of her children. With more UK festival bookings in the works for the summer, a winter tour and more music incoming too, they’re looking forward with great anticipation to a busy year! 

‘Hey Girl’ is an authentic Jess and the Bandits sounding song. With it’s emotional (and relevant!) storytelling, highlighting the expectations placed upon young women as they grow older – a great fit for an International Women’s Day release. The song is a delicate yet powerful look at how society perceives and pressures women to conform to certain standards and ideals, and Jess’ vocals are the perfect vehicle for such an important and timely message.

Listen to the studio version of ‘Hey Girl’ below:

Jess and the Bandits
Credit: Sonnet Music / JATB

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