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The Top 10 tracks on Morgan Wallen’s new album ‘One Thing at a Time’

One of the most anticipated and hyped albums of recent times is released today. (March 3rd) ‘One Thing at a Time’ is Morgan Wallen’s third album but its 36 songs added to the 30 from ‘Dangerous’ and the 14 from ‘If I Know Me’ actually means he’s virtually released upwards of five albums worth of material in total.

The elephant in the room is that ‘One Thing at a Time’ is un-reviewable! 36 songs is simply just too much: an avalanche of content that can’t be consumed in a single sitting or even multiple sittings! There can be no narrative, no ebb and flow to the album that we usually get from a project of 12, 13 or 14 songs. Consequently, ‘One Thing at a Time’ cannot really be viewed as a single album – it’s more like a portal or ‘content hub’ of Morgan Wallen tracks.

We decided the best thing to do would be to choose our favourite 10 tracks from ‘One Thing at a Time’ and see if any of them aligned with yours. So, in no particular order, here are our favourite 10 tracks from the 36 on offer.

Everything I Love

Midnight, high-plains drifter Western vibes on this retro-sounding track. Foot-tapping rhythms and a real hardwood floor feel to the music means that this is a superb track to dance to. It sounds like it could have been lifted right off the soundtrack to ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ too. Superb mix of old meets new, but mostly old, sounds real good on Wallen.

One Thing at a Time

The title is a complete left-of-centre paradigm shift for Wallen. Lighter, poppier vibes and 80’s sounding production values mean this song is a banger in terms of melody. Infectious, playful and something very different make this song one of the best Wallen has ever released. Ambitious and unapologetic, ‘One Thing at a Time’ hints at a future that is even brighter than could be expected.

Born with a Beer in My Hand

Wow! A personal song about Wallen ‘smiling through his sobriety’ and how the alcohol is always at the back of his mind. ‘I ain’t the devil that I acted like I was years ago’. You can hear HARDY’s input all over this song. Similar to ‘Dangerous’s opener, ‘Sand in My Boots’, ‘…..Beer in My Hand’ is both restrained & melodic and a great introduction to this phase of his career.


Another song about hindsight, change and growth. Co-written with Rodney Clawson and Jeff Hyde, this is a delightful song with impactful lyrics and a wonderful, lilting cadence to the melodies. Mature, restrained but with a real punch to it in terms of sound and style. ‘Someone’s up there, looking down and looking out for me.’ Bit of a ‘Sand in My Boots’ vibe in places.

180 (Lifestyle)

On an album where there is a lot of mature, restrained songs with a traditional Country feel to them, Wallen absolutely nails this modern club song with its snappy lyrics and heavy bass. In the right place, at the right time, this song will hit home and get people up and dancing with its funky beats and bells-and-whistles programming.

I Deserve a Drink

Darker, acoustic beginnings here as Wallen sings another song about how hard he’s been trying recently……..until ‘she’ walks back in. Is he singing about the girl, or the booze? Great work by the likes of Devin Dawson and Hillary Lindsey amongst others on this track that builds to a cracking chorus. ‘I’ve been doing good…….I’ve been on my best behaviour,’ Wallen sings on a song destined for the top of the charts.

Money on Me

This is a real sleeper song that could get buried amongst some louder, flashier songs but it has a terrific melody and builds to an understated but powerful chorus with a wonderful melody. We’re a fan of writer Matt Roy and it’s great to see him here on this track. Wallen’s vocals are smooth and confident here as warns the girl that he isn’t someone worth putting your money on or even trusting. That’s the real kicker in the lyrics, right there. Love it.

Ain’t That Some

Wallen leans into his Florida Georgia Line influences on a song written by Chris LaCorte, Chase McGill, Josh Miller, Blake Pendergrass. FGL’s demise is Wallen’s gain because this song leaps out of the headphones and provides something a little different to a lot of the mid-tempo balladry and introspection that is a hallmark of ‘One Thing at a Time.’ Bombastic, brash and redneck as hell, this will be a live staple for years to come.

Last Drive Down Main

One of the most uptempo songs on ‘One Thing at a Time’ and another song, similar to the title track, that really leans into some 80s sounding influences. We love the drum beat and guitar riff that drives this song co-written by Jerry Flowers, Ryan Hurd, Michael Lotten. ‘Life packed in a Chevrolet, every corner I see your face,’ it’s a goodbye song with real soul but one that makes you want to sing along too at the same time.

Don’t Think Jesus

Raw, emotional song with some plaintive guitars that invoke a real campfire feel. Wallen’s vocals are mixed so as to feel that he is actually in the room with you. Some nice storytelling about ‘chasing the devil through honky tonk bars’ makes the song feel very personal and when Wallen’s vocals break out and the drums kick in there’s a real gut-punch of all the feels. This one will be perfect for intimate performances and award shows.

And an extra, 11th song for luck:

Man Made a Bar (ft Eric Church)

This one is a nailed on, absolute number one hit in waiting. Just The Chief’s presence is enough to elevate it but the song does enough all on its own to deserve both fan and critical acclaim. Lilting melodies and plaintive guitars, ‘Man Made a Bar’ is peak modern Country, with clever lyrics and relatable themes that both men and women can identify with whilst sounding like it has a direct link back to the Country greats of the past.

How many of our favourite songs would make your list?

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