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Jordan Davis talks to Kelleigh Bannen about his fabulous new album, ‘Bluebird Days’

Jordan Davis returns to Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen with his third album ‘Bluebird Days.’ While the album is packed with the high energy hits Davis is known for, it also deals with themes that “scare” Davis. He and Kelleigh discuss his parents’ divorce and how it shaped his commitment to his wife, Kristen O’Connor. He also details how songs like “Short Fuse” seek a new level of honesty with himself and fans.

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Jordan Davis Tells Apple Music What a ‘Bluebird Day’ Is to Him and As an Album Title.

So that was a hunting term that a family friend of ours used to use. In duck hunting, used to always say like, “Boys, we got a Bluebird Day on Saturday. We got to get there early.” North Wind, the sunshine, not a cloud in the sky. That’s a Bluebird Day. And for me, the name of this record is that Bluebird Day. It’s the spot in my life where I’m at right now, which I’ve got two beautiful, healthy kiddos, a wife that deals with me being gone 95 to 105 days a year, and I have a dream job. If there was a Bluebird Day, that is a life, then I’m in it right now. It’s just a special time and I don’t forget how blessed I am to be in it.

Jordan Davis Tells Apple Music About Marriage and the Song ‘Bluebird Days’.

I knew maybe I shouldn’t have [written the song] whenever I was like, “God, I got to play this for my mom, my dad.” And I knew right then, it was kind of like, “Well, [divorce] did happen. It put me where I’m at now. It made me view marriage the way I do now, and it has made me talk to or it’s how I will talk to my kids about marriage.” This isn’t a, “Lets see if it works for a little bit and then get out of it.” And I know that’s really harsh, but like I said, I wanted to be honest with it. And for me, it’s a song of how fast things can change and just to fight a little bit more for it. And now, I’m the guy that has a song there that talks about like, it’s like, are you going to fight for it? When it gets tough, are you going to be like, “Ah, man, we could probably figure something out.” Or are you going to be like, “No dude, you made a commitment to your wife and here you are.”

Jordan Davis
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Jordan Davis Tells Apple Music About the Situation that Inspired ‘Short Fuse’.

“Short Fuse” is another one that I wrote out of a conversation my wife was having with somebody that I overheard that, “Yeah, Jordan’s got a temper. He can have a short fuse sometimes.” And I remember just kind of being like, “No, I can’t. Everybody says I’m pretty laid back guy.” And it may be to friends, but unfortunately, the people that you love are the ones that get the short end of the fuse, if you will. And I remember asking her about that and just being like… She’s like, “Yeah, you kind of have a temper sometimes and it doesn’t take a lot for you to just flip the switch.” So much so that I asked [my brother] Jacob about it and Jacob kind of said the same thing where he is like, “Yeah man, you can take it for a long time. And then all of a sudden it just snaps and it’s really weird.”

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