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Pet Sim X Valentines Update Leaks

The forthcoming PSX update is all about showing the love with a Valentine’s themed update. Whilst nothing is 100% confirmed there are lots of juicy titbits we can look at over at RGXG leaks on Twitter. There are lots of Valentines day themed pets on display and it also looks like we will be getting a whole new event area to explore.

The pets include the Lovemelon, Cupid Corgis and also the possibility of a Titanic Hubert although it’s not clear if the Hubert will be another dev-only pet.


We think there is going to a new event area as a new heart currency has been leaked. We presume that the format will be similar to the recent Xmas area which had its own eggs, zones and giant chest to farm on. I’m hoping that the event runs for more than a week as the huge pets from the Xmas update were very tough to hatch.


For a full rundown of all the leaks check out our video below:

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