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Watch Shania Twain reflect on her life & career in an hour long chat with Zane Lowe

Shania Twain joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 for an hour long, wide-ranging career spanning conversation touching on her new album ‘Queen of Me’ out this Friday.

Shania explains why she’s celebrating her success more than ever and talks about her timeless catalog and the loneliness that comes with success. She also reflects on her appearance with Harry Styles during his Coachella set and why she didn’t realise its significance in the moment. You’ll also watch her talk about her severe bout with Covid and why a creative reunion with her ex-husband Mutt Lange is unlikely.  

Shania Twain Tells Apple Music She’s Celebrating Her Success More Than Ever.

There’s so many things to celebrate. I’m probably appreciating and celebrating and enjoying, not just life, but also my success more than I ever did.

Why Her Songs Never Get Old.

I let them go, but the fans live them now. New fans, young fans, they kind of give the songs a rebirth and a new meaning for me. It is so wonderful to watch, so the songs never get old.

Shania Twain Tells Apple Music About The Loneliness That Comes With Success.

It is very lonely. Just being a workaholic is lonely, especially when you’re a creative person or you are the center of the focus of these performances. I mean, when you’re on tour, for example, for me anyway, it takes a lot of discipline and requires sleep, eat, travel. I’m very strict with my diet and good at really just living in a bubble of whatever it takes to put on a good show. That does just get very lonely month after month. There’s no time to socialise.

She Didn’t Realise the Significance of Her Appearance During Harry Style’s Coachella Performance As It Was Happening.

I was so relaxed about it and wasn’t hiding or masking it, just really relaxed. First of all, we have a casual back and forth anyway. Harry’s good. I didn’t realise the significance of that moment. It was such a wonderful surprise, everyone’s reaction. And it now makes sense to me now that the reaction was what it was, because it’s the Harrys and his age group and even younger, that their moms had my music on and they’re in the backseat and they know my music.

At some point, they know every word by heart. Those kids, I mean, these guys are at my concerts now. They’re there with their mom or their grandmother, or they’re just there with a bunch of girls. They were little kids together, growing up together, listening to this stuff. So now, it does absolutely make sense. And it’s beautiful.

Shania Twain Tells Apple Music She Was So Sick With Covid That She Had To Be Airlifted To a Hospital.

I’m asthmatic anyway, and then I had a really bad bout with COVID, and it was very threatening. I had to be air-vacced by a special team because nobody else would fly me to the hospital, because you can’t just pick up a COVID patient and fly them to a hospital. So they wouldn’t give me a bed, of course, naturally, until I could confirm that I could get this air vac to bring me there. It was very bad. I had COVID pneumonia, and every day my lungs were filling up with inflammation. Every day.

Within 12 days, I was pretty much dying. Thankfully, I had plasma therapy, and it worked. On the fourth day, with plasma therapy, I had 0000.1 antibodies. I had no antibodies. I wasn’t fighting it. My antibodies were not building up, and my lungs were getting more and more full of inflammation.

I was just waiting for the plasma therapy to hopefully kick in. It doesn’t kick in for everyone. That’s the sad thing. It didn’t run away with me. I think it was more the staff around me were really, really good. They didn’t tell me how many more days of plasma therapy that I could not respond to before I was now then on a respirator. On my way out. You know? I was halfway into what would’ve been considered my maximum treatment. They didn’t say that, which was great. 

Shania Twain
Credit: Apple Music

She’d Love To Work With Ex-Husband and Producer Mutt Lange Again But Doubts It Would Ever Happen.

I’d make another album with him or just a song but I don’t think he would. I think he would shy away from it and wouldn’t be interested. He’s turned that page very definitively and just wants the past to be behind him, which is fair enough. So yeah, I don’t think that will ever happen. I would and I do think about it often, it would be great. 

Shania Talks About Taking a Break From Music and Losing Her Ability to Sing for a Period of Time.

I was so trapped in this dysfunctional voice that… Thankfully, I was able to indulge in my parenting experience, and I really did. In a way, that was a blessing because I wasn’t distracted. I was just mom and loving every minute. It was so fabulous. But, the loss of my voice, oh, my god. It was like a death. It was something that I really believed I would never get back again, that that was it. I had to face it, and I spent those years coming to terms with the thought that I would never sing with any satisfaction. Seven years. It was so scary.  

Shania Twain Tells Apple Music About The Indulgence of Her Songwriting Process.

I indulge in my creative space and time. That’s my me time. Part of it is just really indulgence. I love it. I love putting songs together and taking them back apart again. That’s why I can listen to older music, because when I’m listening to it, I’m taking it apart and imagining what it might be like if this person was singing it, or if it had been more of a jazz song, or more of a rock song, because the song’s really never finished in that sense.

I indulge in that. I love to create. I love to, I’ll pull a song apart, I mean, a ridiculous amount of times. But the other side of this is the escapism, where just sort of mind over matter. If I wanted to simplify it, simple mind over matter coping skill.  it might be an environment, maybe it might be a mood, I will literally lift myself out of it by escaping into this, into songwriting.

I write music for myself. That’s my indulgence. This is what I love to do, if I can never sing anymore at some point or I can’t perform, I’m going to write music. I’m going to write, write, write. I’m going to write anything. So, that’s forever… the worlds that any song could live in is endless, infinite. 

Shania Twain on Songwriting as Therapy.

Songwriting is such therapy. It really is a self-help process. It is an immediate medicine in the sense that if I want to change my mood it will. It can be an instant change of spirit and perspective.

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