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EF Games’ Carl Jones picks his top 10 games of 2022

Mr Keighley has done his cute little yearly awards ceremony, but no more messing around. It’s time to take a look at the definitive list of the best games released last year. It’s been a pretty solid year, specifically in the indie space, and there’s a few titles I missed out on. Titles like Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Tunic, Immortality and Weird West were big ones I really wanted to get around to and there’s plenty of delayed games I was looking forward to, chiefly, S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2. Nevertheless, picking a list of great games was easy because the industry always delivers.

Honourable Mentions:

The Quarry

While The Quarry doesn’t live up to the lofty heights of Until Dawn. It’s still an entertaining cheesy creature feature. Read our ‘The Quarry’ review.

Ghostwire Tokyo

The story didn’t quite grab me and the gameplay was repetitive, but damn it’s fun to run through a stunning rendition of Tokyo.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

LEGO games are pretty well known at this point. This one however, dials everything up to 10. With an absurd amount of content and love poured into it. It’s an essential title.

Vampire Survivors

Sometimes absolute simplicity can deliver an unforgettable amount of fun, Vampire Survivors embodies that perfectly.

Nobody Saves The World

Dungeon crawlers are a dime a dozen these days. NSTW switches things up by making you a shape shifter, opening up gameplay in very unexpected ways. It’s awesome.

The Big Ten:

10. Tinykin

I never played Pikmin, so my frame of reference for this title (which is heavily inspired by the famous series) was non existent. Nevertheless, I was constantly hooked with the fun gameplay loop, fantastic art design and weirdly in depth story.

9. Cult of the Lamb

What do you want me to say, have you seen this game? You play as a Satan worshipping lamb who oversees a cult. You have absolute dominion over various woodlands creatures. Why are you still here? Go play it.

8. Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Oh Pokemon, I love you so. Though it would be fair to say the series is very stale, Legends is a shining example of what this series can be when proper effort is applied. Highly recommended for those looking who’s love for the series is starting to wane.

7. Dying Light 2: Stay Human

I have a soft spot for Techland. They put so much effort into their titles and Dying Light 2 is yet another example of a mid tier developer shooting for the stars and doing a damn good job hitting them. Keep it up guys, you rock. Read our Dying Light 2: Stay Human review.

6. Stray

We all knew that a cyberpunk game where you play as a cat would be great. We didn’t expect it to be a gripping and touching experience with a ton of depth. It’s a truly special title and you’d be a fool to skip it. Read our Stray review.

5. A Plague Tale: Requiem

With the first title being a breakout hit, I was concerned Asobo Studios would struggle with their follow up. Fortunately, I was mistaken. It manages to expand its world both narratively and in terms of gameplay, whilst retaining its straightforward approach. An incredible title that proves Asobo are a studio to watch. Read our A Plague Tale: Requiem review.

4. Pentiment

A late addition to my list and thankfully I got through it in time. I shouldn’t have doubted Obsidian, fool that I am. There’s a deceptively slow start but I’m telling you to stick with it, Pentiment is a masterclass in storytelling. A truly unforgettable cast and it has one of the greatest “Whoah!” moments that changes the game entirely.

3. Horizon II: Forbidden West

Robot dinosaurs? Check. Open world? Check. Gorgeous graphics? Check. Incredible story that continues a deep and interesting plot, while introducing entirely new layers, multiple new gameplay enhancements and a level of quality few games hope to achieve? Oh, yeah, that too. Read our Horizon Forbidden West review.

2. Elden Ring

What you thought Miyazaki couldn’t do it again? Really? You thought he couldn’t deliver a fully open world version of his SoulsBorne epics? You thought it wouldn’t be the best game in the series? Somehow it’s more accessible than any title before it, yet it doesn’t sacrifice difficulty. You owe it to yourself to play this game. Read our Elden Ring impressions.

1. God of War: Ragnarök

I’ll be honest and say the AAA industry of late has been an embarrassment. Studios desperately clamouring to create the same live service title, designed to steal every penny you have. Thank you Sony Santa Monica for delivering exactly what a AAA title should be. An industry leading game that grips players, is thoroughly entertaining to play, with a plot we won’t soon forget and thank you for having the courage to bow out once you’ve said your piece. It’s perfect in every regard and one of the finest games ever made. Read our God of War: Ragnarok review.

Have your favourite games of 2022 made my list or have yours been left by the wayside? Let us know via our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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