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MasterChef Semi-Finalist Gabriella Margiotta Shares Series Highlights And Festive Foodie Tips

Liverpool based professional chef Gabriella Margiotta entered our homes as the infamous ‘trout slayer’ and left a semi-finalist determined to bring ‘families back to the table’ inspired by family memories of cooking.

MasterChef: The Professionals is back on BBC One for its 15th series where 32 ambitious chefs battled to become the 2022 Champion. Amongst them was Gabriella Margiotta who made it to the semi-finals of the show.

Now working in her family restaurant Cucina di Vincenzo, she reflects on her time on the show and talks all things foodie and festive.

What is the pressure cooker of the Masterchef Professionals kitchen like?

Intense but incredibly rewarding. Having your idols watch and judge your every move is the hardest thing to go through but when that feedback is positive, it’s incredible how you feel.

What’s been your highlight from the series?

The highlight for me has to be my first episode. I was so nervous going onto the show and, after a disastrous skills test, to pull it back the way I did and have all three judges say nothing but great things about my dishes was just something I’ll never forget or get over! 

What do you hope to share with viewers around your passion and love for food?

Bringing families back to the table, simplifying cooking and taking the fear out of the kitchen. It’s about not about being afraid of failing, people message me all the time saying “I tried this but it was awful so never again” – you have to try again, you don’t learn new skills overnight.

If you could name three  Christmas hacks for the big day relating to time, money and flavour, what would they be?

1. Preparation – gravy, Yorkshire puddings, sticky toffee pudding for dessert…. These are all things that can be done a month in advance when stored in the freezer.

2. Disposable foil trays, this takes the mess out of Christmas and means that no ones left at the sink!

3. Make your own canapes! Don’t waste your money and freezer spaces on loads of different canapés and picky bits and make your own. I’ll do a video on this on my social channels, so keep your eyes peeled.

How would you describe your kitchen vibe at home?

Vibrant, loud, flavourful, fun and chaos but a place where everyone wants to be and never wants to leave!

What do you love most about having a family restaurant?

I love how honest it is. When its family working together as hard as it can be you know you all have the same goal, and that’s to serve good honest food in a warm relaxed environment. I love how we bounce of each other, I run things from the kitchen and ensure everything is at the standard we aim for and I have my sister, our front of house, working the floor ensuring everyones having a great time. Throw my mum and dad into the mix and it’s the perfect recipe!

Why do you think Liverpool has such an exciting food scene?

Probably because there is so many independents. It’s hard going to big city’s sometimes and all you see is the big names/chains. I find small independents is where you’re going to find the real talent and big flavours.

What are your plans for Christmas Day?

Christmas Day is at my house! Now that I have my own home I can take the weight off my mum, she’s done it every year for over 20 years! I still get her round xmas eve to help though!! All the family are at ours! We do our secret Santa, play games, argue, eat, drink, argue again and fall asleep watching old home videos!

Any plans for a book in 2023? Or other plans afoot?

I’d love to have my own book and its definitely on the cards, they take some time to develop so hopefully this is something I can start from 2023! Stay tuned!

Follow Gabriella for more recipe hacks and updates on her Instagram account @gabriellas_kitchen

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