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Has the Autumn Pet Sim X Update Killed Hardcore Mode?

A couple of months ago Pet SIm X introduced the new Hardcore Mode in a bid to revitalise the game and bring back some of its lost player base. Whilst this update wasn’t for me, check out my review, it did a good job of bringing bored players back to the game and giving them something new to get their teeth into.

The higher levels of difficulty in hardcore mode made any small achievements seem more significant. When you finally managed to hatch that rare pet or eventually farm enough gold or gems to unlock the next world or skill it felt like an achievement. The recent Autumn update, at least in my opinion, has undone all of this and essentially makes the grind in Hardcore Mode irrelevant.

Pet Simulator X
Credit: Big Games

How can a simple update undo all of this? The answer is simple. Previously you had to work hard, or at least put in a lot of hours in order to progress and hatch the better pets. The autumn update allows players to sidestep all of this grind and they can now easily acquire the strongest hardcore pets with minimal effort. Granted, the new pets cost a lot of gems, and I mean A LOT!, but even if you only manage to hatch the basic pets from the new egg they are far superior to the pets you can hatch from the last world.

This update is actually great for me, I now have the best pets in hardcore mode and I’ve put in no effort whatsoever. If I was a player who had been grinding day after day in hardcore mode I’d be absolutely livid.

I also don’t see why anyone would now bother with hardcore mode, if you’ve already got the best pets in the game there is little point to continue.

Perhaps future updates will prove me wrong but for now, I don’t see any reason for players to continue to play hardcore mode.

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