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Christmas Gift Guide – books to keep your kids happy

Don’t know what books to get the kids this Christmas? Look no further, as we’ve picked out five books that will be the perfect stocking filler.

With so many books on the market now for younger readers, it can be overwhelming, but we’ve rounded up some of the best releases from some of the biggest celebrity names in the world.

From Reese Witherspoon through to Jimmy Fallon & Jennifer Lopez, we’ve got a great selection of books to help make your Christmas shopping easier…

Reese Witherspoon – ‘Busy Betty’

Reese Witherspoon - Busy Betty
Credit: Flamingo Books

Reese Witherspoon is entering into the children’s book market with her new release ‘Busy Betty’. A picture book for children aged 3-7, ‘Busy Betty’ is a story about a creative, curious, and exuberant young girl who has big plans and an even bigger heart.

Busy Betty has always been busy . . . even when she was just a baby! When Betty gives Frank a big hug, she realises he needs a bath, PRONTO! Her best friend, Mae, is coming over, and Betty can’t have the smelliest dog in the whole world! But giving Frank a bath is harder than she thought and just when everything seems impossible, with Mae’s help, Betty learns she can accomplish anything with perseverance, teamwork, and one great idea.

Gorgeously illustrated by Xindi Yan, ‘Busy Betty’ is a beautiful book that is sure to keep kids entertained on Christmas morning and beyond.

Buy Reese Witherspoon – ‘Busy Betty’ now

Mariah Carey & Michaela Angela Davis – ‘The Christmas Princess’

Mariah Carey & Michaela Angela Davis - The Christmas Princess
Credit: Henry Holt & Company Inc

Mariah Carey may be the world’s most successful female artist but she’s also a successful author too. ‘The Christmas Princess’, written with Michaela Angela Davis, is Carey’s second children’s book.

Little Mariah doesn’t have much and doesn’t want a lot, but there is just one thing she longs for: a peaceful and joyous holiday season. Feeling outcast and alone, Little Mariah sets off on a wintry, wondrous journey, ultimately discovering the healing power of her voice to spread the spirit of Christmas at home and all around the world.

Buy Mariah Carey & Michaela Angela Davis – ‘The Christmas Princess’ now

Arthur McBain – ‘In The Dead of the Night’

Arthur McBain - In the Dead of the Night
Credit: Little Hare

Arthur McBain may be better-known as an actor but he’s making quite the name for himself as a children’s writer too. Teaming up with illustrator Tom Knight, McBain has crafted ‘In The Dead of the Night’ a suspense thriller for kids with a dash of humour.

It’s a cold, rainy night and a storm is outside. Rain beats on the window by Lily’s bedside. She’s scared of the dark so she shuts her eyes tight. She hates nothing more than the dead of the night. Tap. Tap. Tap. Comes a noise from the hallway…

Will Lily conquer her fears? Will she conquer her fright? Will she conquer the ghouls in dead of the night?

Buy Arthur McBain – ‘In The Dead of the Night’ now

J.K. Rowling – ‘The Christmas Pig’

J.K. Rowling - The Christmas Pig
Credit: Little, Brown

J.K. Rowling has found plenty of success outside of the ‘Harry Potter’ books and last Christmas she released the delightful tale ‘The Christmas Pig’. Heartwarming and wondrous, the book tells the story of Jack who loses his most treasured toy Dur Pig aka DP on Christmas Eve. Teaming up with DP’s replacement, Jack goes off in search of DP and his adventure takes him to a world he never knew existed!

Buy J.K. Rowling – ‘The Christmas Pig’ now

Jimmy Fallon & Jennifer Lopez – ‘Con Pollo: A Bilingual Playtime Adventure’

Jimmy Fallon & Jennifer Lopez - Con Pollo
Credit: St Martin’s Press

This bilingual book – it’s in Spanish and English – was written by TV host Jimmy Fallon and actor/singer Jennifer Lopez. Illustrated by Andrea Campos, the educational book centres around Pollo, a friendly little chicken who just wants to play. And play, and play, and play all day! Aiming to help kids learn about other languages and cultures, the book is perfect for any kid who is interested in learning Spanish or English!

Buy Jimmy Fallon & Jennifer Lopez – ‘Con Pollo: A Bilingual Playtime Adventure’ now

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.

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