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Interview: Sean McConnell teases new music and plays This or That

Sean McConnell has made touring in the UK a priority and before the pandemic he was on this side of the pond regularly.

The singer-songwriter, who released his latest album ‘A Horrible Beautiful Dream‘ in 2021, is in the UK right now to perform in London as part of Country Music Week.

I caught up with Sean to talk about being back in the UK, find out when we can expect new music and to play a game of This or That.

Hi Sean, thank you so much for speaking to me in between jet lag and shows – are these your first international flights in a while?  

Yep, first time to The Netherlands and the UK in a couple of years. The flights were good, they felt pretty normal. The new normal.  

How’s the songwriting and producing going? 

It’s going well, been doing a lot, and produced a lot for other artists. Been writing in my studio at home. Starting a new one soon for myself.  

Yes!  Any idea when can we look forward to new music from you? 

Oh, it’s early days, yet, things are just coming together.  

Ah, I love that early creative time. Between you and me – nodding to the fact you’re playing London during Country Music Week – do you have any international flights booked for March ’23?

[laughing] Oh, nothing yet, though it would be great to come back.  

Are there any British foods/experiences you’re looking forward to reconnecting with? 

There’s a place in London called ‘Maggie Jones’ I usually love going to, but we’re not going to have the opportunity this time.  

There’s always a good British pub to go to. It doesn’t even have to be good. 

[laughing] Oh, yes, I love going to an English pub. 

Your music captures snapshots of moments – ‘Holy Days’ [from Sean’s eponymous 2016 album] – absolutely my favourite single of yours – and ‘AsThe Curtain Came Down’ from your latest album, ‘A Horrible Beautiful Dream’ …what would a Polaroid or two from 2022 look like for you?

What would a Polaroid of 2022 look like? Well, I’ve spent a lot of ‘22 in my studio, recording, producing, there’s been a lot of creativity. That’s the biggest part of my year. Another one would probably be me on a plane coming over here. It feels one step closer to the new normal.

Sean McConnell
Credit: Alexa King

Alright, are you ready for a new segment? Working with the This or That theme which seems to be popular across social media, I have a few questions for you, if you wouldn’t mind? Feel free to add any additional information.  

Sure [laughing].

Loud music or quiet when you wake up? 

Quiet music. I like to spend the morning with coffee and talking with my family. Sometimes I’ll listen to a podcast, maybe outside.  

Post gig ritual – food or drink? 

I normally go for food first, I don’t eat before a show. Then we’ll find the hotel. 

Are you a Saturday or Monday person? 

I want to say Saturday, but I’m more of a Monday. I’m getting better at relaxing. It doesn’t come naturally to me. Sometimes it’s tricky. There’s not a whole lot of rest on the road. There are a few days off, (and I) had a day off yesterday so I rested.

Okay, music: ‘70s or ‘80s? 

Both are great decades, but it’s the ‘70s; singer-songwriters, like James Taylor,  Crosby Stills and Nash, though they’d be ‘60s, too. I lot of what I listen to would be Americana; Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan. 

When you’re traveling: sleep or sightsee?  Day one doesn’t count as you’re dealing with jetlag.

Oh, that’s a good question. I’d say sleep. Though I do like walking in nature. 

Yeah, I guess you spend a lot of time in cities when you’re at gigs.  Okay, back to writing: muse or discipline? 

A lot of both, which is kind of necessary. It’s like being prepared for an opportunity.  I definitely write a lot. Even if I’m not inspired. I write a little on the road. Finish writing lyrics I’ve been tinkering with. 

When you’re resting and watching a film: comedy or tragedy? 

Comedy, although the two things I’ve been watching are drama-based, I’ve just finished ‘The Lord of The Rings’ on Amazon.  And the most recent ‘Star Wars’, ‘Andor’.  

Ah, good choices.  Complete fantasy escapism.  

I really appreciate your time tonight.  I just have a couple more random questions for you!

What shows have you sweating online to try to buy tickets?  

Oh, bucket-list artists would be Elton John. Springsteen. I don’t really go to a lot of shows though. 

I’d hover over my keyboard for Chris Knight. 

Oh, Chris is a good guy. I wrote a song with him about ten years ago. (Emma stifles a scream).

Can you remember which song? I’m not trying to be facetious, I appreciate jet lag is tricky.  

It was on ‘Little Victories’ (Chris Knight’s 2012 album) with the lyric ‘dig myself out of this hole’. 

Oh, yes.  I know the song.  Amazing. (side note: of course my two favourite songwriters have written together).

Okay, final question, then I’ll let you get on with the show (laughing). If you could sing in another language, what would it be? Can you sing in another language?

Oh, what a great question. No, I don’t sing in any other languages. If I could, it would probably be Italian – that would be cool. 

Ah, wonderful language for music.  Thank you for nattering with me Sean, have a great run of shows this week!

You’re welcome. Bye.  

Sean McConnell’s album ‘A Horrible Beautiful Dream’ is out now. He performs at London’s Omeara tomorrow (18th October) as part of Country Music Week.

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