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Revisiting Tom Baker’s era of ‘Doctor Who’

Our reviewer Greg Jameson, one third of ‘Doctor Who’ and cult British TV and film podcast ‘The Complete Menagerie‘, is embarked on a marathon mission to watch (or listen to) every single episode of classic ‘Doctor Who’ in order of transmission, including those from the 1960s still missing from the archives. That’s seven hundred episodes spanning seven Doctors across two and a half decades.

At the end of May, he posted his thoughts on Jon Pertwee’s tenure as the Third Doctor. Four long months later, he has reached the end of Tom Baker’s epic, sprawling seven-year stint. That’s another 178 episodes under his belt!

Join us for a roundup of his thoughts on ‘Doctor Who’ from 1974 to 1981.

Greg Jameson
Greg Jameson
Book editor, with an interest in cult TV.

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