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Crizards – Cowboys review

Funny, silly and also downright ‘Kentucky Fried’ tender, Crizards ‘Cowboys’ will draw you into their Western world quicker than being on the wrong end of quicksand.

We are taken on a timeless trek (don’t forget a sugar lump for your horse) of friendship through a musical odyssey.

The pair, Will Rowland and Eddy Hare, strike a melodic tone to create perfectly tuned comedy, with a pitch perfect evening slot at 22:15 in Assembly George Square Studios.

What’s great about this show is how the comedy pair control the room’s energy from start to finish, creating ebbs and flows of jokes, songs and fantastical stories that immerse you in their quest to blow up a railroad with dynamite.

Parallel to this is a superb representation of true friendship, compromise and weathering a storm of an ever-changing world while each establishing their individual voices and comedic styles cohesively.

What’s fascinating about this show is how it was created in early 2020, however the impending two years have been integrated to re-shape with real-life challenges portrayed through this nostalgic world. 

A true mark of the impact of this joyful show, my companions for the evening were singing the songs well into the following day.  A vehicle (or maybe horse and cart) for discussing men’s mental health and wellbeing, the pair’s comedic relationship holds space for both to discuss and support each other, however they choose to express themselves.

Mental health challenges and a break-up are addressed head-on with the rough and tumble of the Wild West, which through its slower pace of life, allows a lens of reflection to neatly tie up this western as the sun sets.

Show: Crizards: Cowboys Venue: Assembly George Studios Time: 22:15 (60 mins) until 28 August Ticket price: £10 Ticket link:

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