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Kane Brown releases new song ‘Grand’ from upcoming ‘Different Man’ album

Kane Brown has treated fans to another new song from upcoming album, ‘Different Man’ which is released September 9th. ‘Grand’ is a an ode to everything Brown holds dear in life, his family, his friends and his fans. It’s a plea to keep things simple and enjoy what you have.

Ain’t life grand
Only ones I keep around me is my fam
No coincidence, it’s always been the plan
And I always keep it trilly with the fans
Oh, ain’t life grand
And I love a little whiskey in my hand
Make it disappear then reappear again
Matter fact I never want this life to end until the end

Kane Brown 'Grand'
Credit: Columbia Records

Proving he is one of the most versatile artists in the industry, ‘Grand’ is a different beast to current single ‘Like I Love Country Music’. It sees Brown experimenting with Pop sounds and snappy, lyrics backed by a melodic cadence and an R&B drumbeat. New album ‘Different Man’ is shaping up to be a groundbreaking release with Brown showing the industry just what a versatile artist he is.

Find out more details about ‘Different Man’ right here.

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