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The Most Recurring Themes in Casino Movies

The world of gambling is prevailing and spreads its wings across various industries. In the first lines, there’s the industry of land-based gambling.

Second, we’ve got the world of online gambling where you can make deposits through your Visa credit card. And finally, there’s the movie industry, where there are numerous casino-themed films people from each corner of the earth greatly enjoy. 

Below, we’ll explore the most recurring themes in casino movies, all directly related to gambling but from different standpoints and reasons.   

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Indeed, there’s a handful of casino-themed movies, and people enjoy watching them. In the list below, we won’t line out the top-rated and most popular casino movies but rather deal with the most recurring themes in all of them. After a short analysis, we’ve come to a list of the three most recurring themes in casino movies, which differ greatly in some crucial aspects. Let’s explore them in greater detail, one at a time.     

1. It’s all about the money

Some casino-themed movies revolve solely around money. Such movies usually have a leading character addicted to gambling and gambles just for the fun of it and to earn some real cash. These casino movies portray the bad side of gambling and present gambling addiction as no pretty state. Indeed, gambling is an entertaining pastime but watching movies where you may see the negative side-effects it can cause is highly beneficial. Each individual should be aware of them. Gambling disorder is real and shouldn’t be neglected.   

2. Prestige and high-class

Some casino movies have leading characters who gamble because they come from the “high-class.” High classes in such casino-themed movies don’t necessarily mean that they are the aristocratic class, but they are undoubtedly classes with great prestige. Gambling at casinos for these characters is like an expensive hobby and a favorite pastime they like to indulge in since they have enough money at their disposal. Movies, where gambling is all about prestige, are movies like James Bond, for instance, especially Casino Royalle. Characters that gamble at casinos only for fun, entertainment, and prestige are usually not in any kind of debt and gamble because they enjoy the risk, even if it means losing a large sum of money.      

3. Paying off debt

There are many casino movies where we see a “damsel in distress” at the beginning that must pay off a debt related to an act of money laundering or owing cash to the mob. This “damsel in distress” we’re talking about is usually a smart middle-class member of the society who has fallen into a set of unfortunate events or has fallen in with a bad crowd. Such protagonists are usually smart guys, and they find the best and most intelligent way to pay off their debt. The getting-out-of-debt part is where gambling at a casino comes to play. Most protagonists from casino movies with paying-off-debt themes show an exquisite gambling skillset and earn a great deal of cash while beating the most experienced high-rollers at those casinos.  

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.

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