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Charley Crockett to release new album Welcome to Hard Times in July

Charley Crockett will release his new studio album Welcome to Hard Times on 31st July 2020 on Thirty Tigers.

The set is produced by Mark Neill, with songwriting contributions from Pat McLaughlin and Dan Auerbach. Welcome To Hard Times is a genre bending mix of classic country, psychedelic spaghetti western and rhythm & blues.

Watch the video for the title track below:

Charley shared his vision for the record, “This record is for the folks who feel like everything’s fixed. If you think you’re playing a rigged game, you’re right. If it seems like all the cards are marked in advance, they are. But you still gotta roll the dice, even when you know they’re loaded.”

The title track, Welcome to Hard Times, is out now and the video is co-directed by Charley and Bobby Cochran. It was shot on location in the Sierra Nevadas, and is part of a series of videos Charley is shooting over the next month.

He will play the same character in each, walking alone through isolated landscapes in the American wilderness.

Discussing the video concept, Charley stated, “The American West is a land I’ve drifted through for most of my life. In these troubled times I find comfort and safety in its isolation. I think I always have.”

Welcome To Hard Times was recorded in Valdosta, Georgia at Mark Neil’s studio. The album was recorded with a studio band consisting of Kullen Fox, Colin Colby, Alexis Sanchez, Mario Valdez, Nathan Fleming, Billy Horton and Mackenzie Rosser.

The Welcome To Hard Times track list is:

1. Welcome To Hard Times
2. Run Horse Run
3. Don’t Cry
4. Tennessee Special
5. Fool Somebody Else
6. Lily My Dear
7. Wreck Me
8. Heads You Win
9. Rainin’ In My Heart
10. Paint It Blue
11. Black Jack County Crain
12. The Man That Time Forgot
13. The Poplar Tree

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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