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Spacebase Startopia is entering closed beta soon

Kalypso Media and developer Reamlforge Studios have just announced that a closed beta for the upcoming Spacebase Startopia will be available from Friday 29th May. This closed beta will be available to everyone who has pre-purchased Starbase Startopia on the Kalypso Media Store.

A fresh take on a fan-favourite strategy title, Spacebase Startopia invites players to manage a doughnut-shaped space station populated by a diverse and hilarious cast of alien visitors. By looking after their needs, wants and environment across three distinctive ‘decks’, players will generate energy to expand their station and appease the ever-demanding station AI, VAL.

Watch the Starbase Startopia Dev video below:

By breathing life back into a true classic, developer Realmforge Studios strikes a careful balance between nostalgia and innovation in its reimagining of the popular strategy game, which revolves around a doughnut-shaped space station filled to the brim with a colourful cast of aliens managed by their tireless commander (that’s you, human).

Spacebase Startopia offers a constant stream of challenging and addictive objectives to be completed, served up with the distinctive humour and sharp writing that developer Realmforge Studios is known for.

  •  Singleplayer campaign with 10 fully voiced single-player missions
  • Individually configurable sandbox mode
  • Competitive and a cooperative multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • Build 30+ rooms across three very different decks to offer everything that the visiting aliens could wish for
  • Manage a melting pot of different alien races, each with their own individual – and sometimes contradictory – needs and desires
  • Produce and trade resources to turn a profit, while running sabotage missions against your competitors

Starbase Startopia will be released later in 2020.

Check out some screenshots in our gallery below:

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