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Deadwater Fell episode 3 preview

The spotlight shifted from Kate (Anna Madeley) to Tom (David Tennant) on the latest episode of Deadwater Fell.

If you want to avoid spoilers for Deadwater Fell, stop reading now.

Jess (Cush Jumbo) began to suspect that Tom may be the culprit after meeting with Kate’s old friend Sacha (Seline Hizli), who revealed that Tom had come between her and Kate. Looking at her friend through different eyes, Jess decided to come clean to Steve (Matthew McNulty) and the police about her night of passion with Tom.

Steve continued to investigate the deaths and he tracked down a bike in the woods that led him to local teen Dylan (Lewis Gribben), who admitted he’s seen Tom chasing his daughter Emily in the woods the night of her death.

By the episode’s end Tom was being arrested and we saw the scenario Dylan witnessed, although Emily was chased by Kate not Tom.

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The synopsis for episode 3 is:

Armed with new evidence, the case looks cut and dried, but a new revelation raises doubt.

The emotional ripple effects of the fire are taking their toll on those closest to the tragedy. Steve (McNulty) goes to his work-appointed counselling and a past conversation with Kate (Madeley) is revealed.

As the truth begins to emerge everyone questions their role in the tragedy.

Deadwater Fell continues at 9pm Friday on Channel 4. Preview it with our gallery below:

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