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Top 10 weirdest simulator games on Steam right now

Whatever your interests, there’s a simulator game out there for you.

Cultist Simulator
Credit: Weather Factory

Simulator games aren’t a new thing. I remember messing around with flight simulators as a kid, granted they mostly ended up with me crashing as I attempted to do stunts in a 747 but hey it was fun. As time has progressed so has the variety of simulator games expanded.

Now you can play ultra realistic flight sims, you can run your own farm in games like Farming Simulator and you can drive trains and trucks in their own versions of this genre.

I was curious to see what other types of simulator games might be out there, this idea came to me after my editor sent me a link to a game called Wanking Simulator (I’m not sure what he was trying to tell me). So I headed to Steam and typed ‘simulator’ into the search bar.

I was greeted with 239 pages of simulator, 239! and was amazed by some of the games listed. There are the usual collections of farming, driving, flying and other normal sounding games in there but there are also plenty of weird ones too. Want to be a cockroach? no problem, be a tramp? you’re covered.

Below are the ones that stood out to me as being the weirdest, I’ve used the developer’s own words to describe each game to try and give you an idea of what the mindset might be of the people who make these games.

10. Cultist Simulator

Seize forbidden treasures. Summon alien gods. Feed on your disciples. Cultist Simulator is a game of apocalypse and yearning from Alexis Kennedy, creator of Fallen London and Sunless Sea. Play as a seeker after unholy mysteries, in a 1920s-themed setting of hidden gods and secret histories.

Read our Cultist Simulator review to see what we thought of the game or check out the Steam page for more information.

9. Granny Simulator

In Granny Simulator there are two players, a feeble old grandmother and her lovely grandson. The grandmothers objective is to complete her everyday routine while the grandson utilizes uncanny violence and pure brutality to stop her.

Check out the Granny Simulator Steam page for more information.

8. Wanking Simulator

The best wanking experience known to mankind, from the comfort of your home. Visit Gay Bay and deliver some delightful changes to the town’s community.

Check out the Wanking Simulator Steam page for more information.

7. Bum Simulator

You live on the streets. What will you do? Adapt and survive? Take revenge on those responsible? Become an urban legend? Countless possibilities await!

Check out the Bum Simulator Steam page for more information.

6. Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator

A hilarious insult-‘em up in which players must verbally take-out their friends and family in different game modes. Assemble witty insults using different word strings, and employ combos, criticals, continuations and more to battle your opponents both offline and online across multiple devices.

Check out the Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator Steam page for more information.

5. Cockroach Simulator

This game is about the hard life in the kitchen. In this unusual place many interests intertwine. But the only war between humans and cockroaches is truly epic and destructive.

Check out the Cockroach Simulator Steam page for more information.

4. Trump Simulator VR

Help Donald get ready for his big day. The weight of the world rests in his tiny little hands.

Check out the Trump Simulator VR Steam page for more information.

3. BANG! BANG! Totally Accurate Redneck Simulator

BANG! BANG! Totally Accurate Redneck Simulator is a silly and super tough physics based shooter puzzler in which you attempt to help a drunken redneck hit targets without accidentally shooting himself with a ricochet.

Check out the BANG! BANG! Totally Accurate Redneck Simulator Steam page for more information.

2. Bouncing Duck Simulator

Bouncing Duck Simulator allows you to fulfil your wildest dreams. Bouncing a rubber duck around, bouncing a pink rubber duck around, bouncing… more ducks? Don’t be shy, you gotta bounce them all!

Check out the Bouncing Duck Simulator Steam page for more information.

1. Priest Simulator

Imagine that you have divine powers. What do you do? Help people or take the piss out of them? That’s a priest’s life.

Check out the Priest Simulator Steam page for more information.

Have you seen any weird and wonderful simulator games we might have missed? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook


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