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Trust Me series 2 episode 2 recap

Jamie McCain (Alfred Enoch) began investigating Danny’s (Elliot Cooper) claims on this week’s Trust Me and he found an ally to help him.

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At the end of last week’s episode Jamie managed to pull himself across the floor to Danny’s bed so he could get his hands on his iPad. The only problem is, he had no idea what the password was.

Jamie continued to be haunted by nightmares, this time of his walking around the hospital following a battered and bloodied figure.

Dr. Watson (John Hannah) held a staff meeting following Danny’s death. Zoe (Katie Clarkson-Hill) pushed to find out Danny’s cause of death but Dr. Watson once again swept her questions to one side, saying the pathologist would clear up what had happened.

Zoe went to see Jamie and stitched up the wound in his leg, which Jamie caused last week using the crystal hanging over his bed. As she stitched, Jamie confided in Zoe that Danny believed there was a killer on the ward and that he’d been keeping data on what was going on. Zoe rebuffed his concerns, telling him there was nothing sinister going on.

Trust Me series 2 episode 2
Credit: BBC

Debbie (Ashley Jensen) had a chat with Dr. Watson and told him that Danny had expressed suicidal tendencies during his home visit. She got upset as she revealed that she’d told him not to be so silly and Dr. Watson showed her a needle that was found in his bed. The insinuation was that Danny had got his hands on drugs to kill himself.

As Jamie continued to try and figure out the password to Danny’s iPad, he refused to take sedatives claiming that they knocked him out too much. Zoe tried to convince him to take the medication but Jamie refused, telling her that he didn’t trust anyone on the ward. He agreed to take pills if they could give him something different that didn’t knock him out.

Dr. Watson asked pathologist Parveen (Manjinder Virk) to let him know as soon as she found anything out about Danny’s death. He shared his belief that insulin would be found inside the needle that had been discovered in Danny’s bed.

Jamie had another meeting with Sergeant Ellen Ashurst (Katie Lyons) who questioned him again about the day he was injured. She told him that she believed Jamie hadn’t followed protocol and advised him that there may be trouble ahead unless he starts to speak to her. Jamie was almost tricked to open up but he realised he was being manipulated and refused to speak.

Trust Me series 2 episode 2
Credit: BBC

Zoe tried to talk to Alex (Richard Rankin) about the deaths on the ward but he kept shutting her down and dismissing them as things that ‘just happen’.

Jamie tricked the nurses into thinking he was taking his pills but he was actually hiding them under the venus fly trap that Danny gave him. He worked out the password to the iPad (it was TARDIS) but then the iPad ran out of battery.

Dr. Watson checked in on Parveen again and she promised to have the results to him the next morning. Pleased, he offered to take her out somewhere nice for a drink. Is he planning another affair?

Meanwhile Jamie spotted that the new patient opposite him had a charger. He got out of bed and into a wheelchair but was caught next to the patient’s bed by a nurse. She wheeled him back to his own bed.

The next morning, the new patient offered to lend him his charger and threw it over to him. Jamie plugged in the iPad and started going through Danny’s data. He was interrupted by Debbie who took him to the pool to start building his muscles up. Jamie had a panic attack and Debbie had to call Zoe and Alex for help.

Trust Me series 2 episode 2
Credit: BBC

Back in his bed, Jamie talked with Zoe again and she told him he could trust her. He gave Danny’s iPad to her and asked her to investigate Danny’s data. She agreed and promised to give it some consideration.

Shortly after Danny’s mother arrived at the ward and Jamie dropped something to get her attention. He asked her about Danny but he didn’t get a lot of information. She then met with Dr. Watson to find out why her son died but he wasn’t able to answer her questions.

Zoe had a meeting with Dr. Watson to share Jamie’s concerns but he told her that Danny took an insulin overdose after trawling through suicide websites. She didn’t believe a word of it but Dr. Watson committed to his story.

Determined to do some more digging, Zoe headed to the drug cabinet to feed her habit and then once she got home, she had a look through Danny’s iPad.

Following another nightmare, Jamie asked Dr. Karimi (Amiera Darwish) how Danny died and she, like Dr. Watson, stuck to the suicide story. She showed him posts that Danny had made on suicide message boards and forums to prove what she was saying was true.

Trust Me series 2 episode 2
Credit: BBC

Now on a mission, Zoe tried to sweet talk pathology into giving her access to patient records. When she was refused, she hung around until the woman went on a tea break and quickly printed off a series of files. She was caught in the act but made up a lie and quickly left.

Debbie took Jamie to the gym to try another technique to build up his muscles. On the way there Jamie saw blood on the floor and a battered man in a wheelchair, but realised he was just seeing things. In the gym Debbie encouraged him to try and push with his legs but he couldn’t and quickly became frustrated.

On returning to his bed, Jamie was shocked to find his mother there. They had a tense exchange and Jamie demanded to know who had informed her that he was in the hospital. It was also hinted that family issues had led to the two becoming distant.

Dr. Watson received a voicemail from pathology about Zoe accessing their files. At the same time Zoe told Jamie that she thought he was right and that all of the victims died from the same thing. Dr. Watson found footage of Zoe stealing drugs so it looks like he’ll be using that against her.

He then got the elevator down to the ward level and gave a menacing look in Jamie’s direction. Is he behind the murders?

Preview Trust Me series 2 episode 3 now.

Trust Me continues at 9pm Tuesday on BBC One.

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