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Curfew 1×05 preview

Lou and Ruby need spare parts.

Curfew - 1x05
Credit: Gareth Gatrell / Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018 - Phoebe Fox (playing Kaye Newman) and Aimee-Ffion Edwards (playing Ruby Newman)

On the fourth episode of Curfew, we got to spend some time with Team Awesome – Joker Jones (Billy Zane), El Capitano (Jason Thorpe) and Cheese (Guz Khan).

If you’re not up to date with Curfew and like to avoid spoilers we suggest you don’t read any further.

The episode opened up with a flashback to 3 years earlier. It revealed that Jones used to work as a psychiatrist before the virus spread. Throughout the episode he was holding sessions with a government minister who seemed to be responsible for what had happened. Later, we got to see the first meeting between Joker and Cheese.

Credit: Gareth Gatrell / Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018 – Billy Zane (playing Joker Jones)

At the end of last episode, Team Donohue’s Jenny (Andi Osho) thought she had been bitten and let her family go on ahead thinking she was dead. However, while walking the streets alone she was grabbed by Team Awesome. Now back in the race, Jenny found herself strapped to the roof of Team Awesome’s camper van!

MED VAC 239’s Kaye (Phoebe Fox) sent a radio message to Team Donohue to try and speak to her sister Ruby (Aimée-Ffion Edwards). However, Ruby still didn’t want to talk to her and requested they turn the radio off. Roman (Ike Bennett) tried to make small talk with Ruby but she was too angry.

Team Donohue caught up with Team Awesome and saw their mum strapped to the roof. They sent a message to Joker but he told them Jenny had been bitten. They asked to speak with her so Cheese passed up the radio. They told her they loved her and she told them to keep going as she had been bitten. After speaking to Jenny they decided to drive past and leave her.

Curfew - 1x04

Credit: Gareth Gatrell / Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018 – Rose Williams (playing Faith Palladino)

Joker inquired as to how Jenny was and El Capitano revealed that he’d given her a drink spiked with all of their drugs. Jenny realised that she might actually be ok and then vomited all down the windscreen. She managed to climb down and entered the van from the back. She wasn’t impressed at being drugged but Joker decided it was time for a therapy session while El Capitano took over the driving. Jenny recognised the trio because they ran an online video channel where they filmed themselves messing around. It looked something similar to Jackass.

Meanwhile, Lucky 13’s heavily pregnant Faith (Rose Williams) was in the lead and decided to lay a trap for the other racers. She stopped after a tunnel and set off some smoke grenades. As other racers came through, Faith was waiting to pump them full of bullets.

Team Donohue, Team Awesome and The Queens of Stone stopped to see what was going on. After the gunfire stopped, El Capitano decided to drive through the tunnel blindfolded. They made it though so the other teams followed. Jenny wanted to return to her family but Joker wasn’t finished with her.

Curfew - 1x04

Credit: Gareth Gatrell / Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018 – Miranda Richardson (playing Lou Collins) and Thaddea Graham (playing Hanmei)

Lou Collins (Miranda Richardson) and her adopted daughter Hanmei (Thaddea Graham) from The Queens of Stone stopped to check Faith was ok. She pulled a gun on them and told them to leave so they left her to it.

In MED VAC 239, Kaye challenged Michael (Malachi Kirby) about leaving her and sleeping with her sister. She stopped and told him to get out so he did, despite the dangers. After starting to drive away she changed her mind and let him back in.

A short while later, they found themselves being pursued by Kovacks (Richard Riddell), the security officer who shot Kaye’s mother. He was after Michael and opened fire on them when they pulled over to help someone. They managed to get back in their ambulance and drive off but Kovacks chased them down Terminator 2 style. He managed to get into the ambulance and a fight broke out. Kaye eventually stopped him by zapping him in the head with a defibrillator then dumping him in the road. He survived.

Curfew - 1x04

Credit: Gareth Gatrell / Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018 – Richard Riddell (playing Sgt Kovacks)

Joker continued his session with Jenny and eventually got her to open up. He then decided it was time for her to go back to her family. Rather than just drop her off he opted for a more risky option which he said she would find cathartic. The placed her on a surfboard with wheels and pulled her along next to the van. When her family caught them up they let her go with a CD of music to listen to. She was reunited with her family.

After the left, Team Awesome decided to stand in the road and play a game of chicken with the fast approaching Faith. Just before she mowed them down they decided to step aside and all survived.

Elsewhere in the episode, the Newman’s mother, Helen (Harriet Walter) was still alive in hospital. The doctor explained that she was infected but he had revived her with a cocktail of drugs. He questioned her about her former patient Michael Garwick who was immune to the virus.

Curfew - 1x04

Credit: Gareth Gatrell / Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018 – Jason Thorpe (playing El Capitano) and Guz Khan (playing Cheese)

At the end of the episode, it was revealed that Joker had been a patient of El Capitano’s who was also a psychiatrist.

On the fifth episode of Curfew. There’s trouble when the Volvo and the tow truck crash in the middle of nowhere. Lou and Ruby need spare parts. Fast. But they come at a steep price.

Curfew continues at 9pm Friday on Sky One. Preview it with our gallery below:


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