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Cold Feet series 8 episode 6 finale recap

Adam and Karen struggle to keep a lid on their new relationship.

Cold Feet season 8
Credit: ITV

On the season 8 finale of Cold Feet, Jenny (Fay Ripley) got some heartbreaking news.

If you’d prefer to have no spoilers at all for Cold Feet, we suggest you stop reading this article now.

The episode opened up with the gang having a meal at Karen’s (Hermione Norris). Jenny announced that she wanted them all to be free a week on Sunday to attend her choir performance for Cancer Research.

During the meal, Jenny told everyone about her recent photoshoot for Karen. Adam (James Nesbitt) tried to play footsie under the table with Karen but found himself accidentally rubbing Pete’s (John Thomson) leg instead.

Jenny told Adam that she’d heard a rumour he was seeing someone. Matt (Ceallach Spellman) had said his dad kept disappearing off to his room and David (Robert Bathurst) said he could hear him having secret phone conversations.

Cold Feet - 8x06

Credit: Big Talk

As everyone was leaving, Adam pretended he’d left his phone inside. He ran back in for a kiss with Karen and they were almost caught by an impatient David coming back to check on Adam.

Karen spoke with David to tell him about the new book taking off. The good news was that shareholders were in for a big dividend but as she’d just sold all his it meant he’d miss out. She offered some of hers but David refused.

Meanwhile, Jenny invited Charlie (Ivanno Jeremiah) round for food with her, Pete and the family. He accepted and Pete was trying too hard as usual. Charlie had fun and even had a little wine. After he left, Jenny told Pete that she felt Charlie wasn’t well.

Adam told Matt and David that he was off out to a works do, then popped round to spend time with Karen. Back at Adam’s place, Matt had friends round and they were making too much noise for David. After failing to get them to be quiet he took advantage of the key Karen gave him and went round to hers. He again almost caught her and Adam.

The next day, David was taking advantage of some free Wi-Fi at a local café. He noticed that the owner Mary Fraser (Michelle Holmes) was run off her feet and offered to lend a hand. She accepted and bust into tears. He later told her that she should move people on who weren’t spending but she didn’t like that idea. He returned later with Olivia and accepted a job.

Cold Feet - 8x06

Credit: Big Talk

At a meal round at Adam’s, he asked Karen for help in the kitchen and Pete was immediately suspicious that something was going on. He demanded a word in private with Adam and accused him of still getting it on with Karen. At the same time Karen decided she should tell Jenny what had been going on. They both reacted badly and David came out to see what all the shouting was about. He took the news badly as well and went back to the TV. Pete and Jenny stormed out.

In the car, Jenny saw Karen come outside and make a phone call. She was ringing her but she chose to ignore it. As Pete got ready to drive of he asked if he should run Karen over. Jenny suggested getting close so she could just clip her with the door. Back inside David was upset still at the news and asked Adam not to talk to him.

Next Karen told her girls while Adam tackled telling Matt the news. Matt and Oliva (Daisy Edgar-Jones) both took it badly but Ellie (Sylvie Briggs) was supportive.

Karen took Jenny to an interview about the book and had her dress up again as the author. Jenny went off on a rant which was basically an endless stream of digs at Karen for seeing Adam. Elsewhere, Adam’s phone calls were ignored by Pete and David who were in the pub together without him.

Karen and Adam kept trying with their friends but were getting nowhere. David told Adam he felt he needed to move out but Adam begged him to stay. Karen and Adam decided it might be best if they cooled things.

Cold Feet - 8x06

Credit: Big Talk

Jenny attended hospital for her next chemo session and was surprise that Charlie wasn’t there. She asked the nurse and discovered that he had been admitted with pneumonia and died the night before. Jenny was understandably heart-broken. She later told Pete she couldn’t go through with the fundraiser but he said she should do it for Charlie.

Pete caught an episode of Jeremy Kyle and imagined the gang on there fighting about Karen and Adam’s relationship. He came away inspired and told everyone that they had to be there to support Jenny.

David worked his first shift for Mary and came up with the idea of dynamic pricing. The idea was to charge more to people who could afford it. He suggested going to the press and offered her some catering work at the fundraiser.

Karen spoke to Matt alone and said he didn’t need permission to ask Olivia out. She said they had her blessing. He spoke of the shock of hearing she was seeing his dad.

Before the fundraiser, Jenny noticed her hair was starting to fall out. She was relieved that everyone turned up, even though she was struggling to talk to Karen and Adam. Pete ran into Evan (Danny Morgan) who had landed a job as a caretaker and he thanked Pete for all the chocolate and for saving his life. They shared a hug.

Cold Feet - 8x06

Credit: Big Talk

The concert was emotional and the choir again performed Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis. The received plenty of applause before the interval.

David told Mary he’d been offered a job by Karen and came up with the idea to do Karen’s part time so he could do two days for Mary.

Jenny grabbed Adam and Karen. The death of Charlie had changed her outlook on things. She told them that they should be together if that’s what they wanted but warned them not to screw it up.

Adam spoke to Karen and said that he didn’t need to find someone to grow old with. He’d found her. He said he wasn’t sure if it would work but that he wanted to find out.

At the end of the episode, Jenny introduced the next song in memory of Charlie. The episode ended as the choir sang Happy Together by The Turtles.

That’s the end of Cold Feet series 8 which has been a fantastic series. There’s no official word yet if the show will return for series 9 but writer Mike Bullen has said the following on Twitter:


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