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Hitman 2 Winter Sports Pack now available

It has just been announced that the Winter Sport pack is now available for all Hitman 2 Expansion Pass holders. In addition to this pack there will be a Snow Festival running in Hokkaido for a limited time.

The Winter Sports Pack includes:

  • Winter Sports Suit – A tight-fitting, multi-colored thin sweater with matching dark grey cargo pants, featuring reinforced knees, along with neoprene-laced gloves and a matching canteen to fit in at any ski-themed event.
  • Snowball – A tightly packed snowball that can be used as a throwing item to annoy any adversary.
  • Piton – A metal spike for climbing that is sharp enough to use as a lethal weapon.
  • Quickdraw – Climbing gear that can double as a fiber wire in tight situations.
  • Arctic Tool Box – A handy toolbox for arctic conditions that can be used to hide illegal items.

You can check out the official trailer below:

The Snow Festival is running until February 12th and is free for all Hitman 2 Legacy Pack owners. For players who don’t currently own HITMAN 2, the entire Hokkaido Legacy Pack Location and Snow Festival content can be enjoyed for FREE throughout the duration of the event. Progress will carry over to the main game once the event ends on Feb. 12.

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