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The Escapists 2 gets a festive update

Team17 have just launched a festive themed free update for The Escapists 2, and why not? Even the most hardened criminal needs a little bit of festive spirit right?! In the follow-up to last years Santa’s Shakedown you’ll find yourself incarcerated in the North Pole no less.

You can check out the launch video below:

This year Santa has ditched the idea of goodwill to all and has started his own online retail empire based in the North Pole. Players will find themselves in the role of a disgruntled elf who is gradually becoming obsolete as Santa modernises his workforce with robots. Understandably your elf is a bit miffed and wants to escape the clutches of this rather oppressive Santa!

The free update will include a new festive themed prison to escape from, new jobs including burning letters to Santa and feeding the reindeer, new craftable weapon – the candy pain and new unique ways to escape.

Although the update is free you will still need the base game to be able to play it.

The Escapists 2 is available now at Amazon UK on

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