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The Crystal Maze Board Game available now

Rascals have launched The Crystal Maze Board Game which is based on the hit Channel 4 show. Now anyone can take on the Crystal Maze as they compete with friends and family from the comfort of their own home. Just like the TV show the Crystal Maze Board Game features a labyrinth packed with perplexing puzzles and tricky challenges.

The game is suitable for 2 or more players, aged 10 and up. Teamwork is key as players make their way through the four themed time zones – Aztec, Futuristic, Industrial and Medieval – in one of two teams competing against each other. Each zone is packed with an assortment of mental, mystery, skill and physical games with success being rewarded in the shape of precious time crystals. Each crystal won means more time to spend scrambling for gold tokens in the game’s furious finale.

The Crystal Maze Board Game
© Rascals / RDF Television Limited 2018

Each team is given one A.L.I.S card (Automatic Lock-In Situation) that can be played before any player starts one of the challenges. This means that if unsuccessful they can be ‘locked in’ for the rest of the game unless they are bought out with a crystal, so players must use this wisely!

Rascals has also developed an official smartphone app called “The Crystal Maze: Game Timer” for both Android and Apple iOS devices. This free app features authentic music and sound effects from the show and can be used as a timer for games in the four zones and for the Crystal Dome finale.

The Crystal Maze Board Game is available from Debenhams, John Lewis, WHSmiths and Amazon UK priced at £35.

The Crystal Maze Board Game details

For 2 or more players

Ages 10 to adult


  • Game board
  • Maze Master’s manual
  • Rules
  • Sand timer
  • 130 × Gold & silver tokens
  • 4 × Maze Master’s hands
  • 16 × Game sign cards
  • 2 × A.L.I.S cards
  • 16 × Clear plastic crystals
  • 3 × Plastic balls
  • 5 × Game bases
  • 14 × Aztec Mental Game symbol tiles
  • 10 × Aztec Mystery Game sum cards
  • Dry marker pen
  • 4 × Aztec Physical Game artefact cards
  • 60 × Medieval Mental Game toy cards
  • 15 × Medieval Mystery Game riddle cards
  • Dice
  • 12 × Futuristic Mental Game circuit pieces
  • 15 × Futuristic Mystery Game riddle cards
  • 7 × Futuristic Skill Game cube puzzle pieces
  • 9 × Industrial Mental Game cards
  • 8 × Industrial Mystery Game cog tiles
  • 4 × Industrial Skill Game large word tiles
  • 40 × Industrial Skill Game small word tiles
  • Plastic cup
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