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The X Factor 2017 week 2 top 5 performances

The X Factor 2017 continued last night and it’s Viva Latino week. The boys and groups performed to keep a place in the competition whilst the girls and overs will be battling it out on tonight’s live show. The night was full of ups and downs with some contestants really struggling with the theme, whilst others rose and shone.

Keep reading to find out who I thought were the best performers of last night.

5. The Cutkelvins – Hey DJ by CNCO & Yandel

The Cutkelvins performed one of this summer’s classic singles and did so in style. The group did not, however, sound as good vocally as they did the previous week but they remain one of this year’s strongest contenders and certainly one of the best performers of last night.

What the judges said: Louis thought the song was good but that the band should work more as a group, Sharon added that she loves everything the trio does. Nicole thought there wasn’t enough energy coming from the group this week.

4. Lloyd Macey – Hero Enrique Iglesias

Lloyd got extra points for singing part of his performance in Spanish but not only that he poured his heart out. Lloyd has one of the strongest vocals on this year’s show and he isn’t afraid to show it. I loved his performance and hope to see him grow over the next few weeks!

What the judges said: Simon kicked off by saying the song choice was good and that he had amazing passion. Sharon added that she admired his confidence.

3. Sam Black – La Bamba / Twist & Shout medley by Ritchie Valens / The Beatles

Sam’s performance was one of his best so far and even though he wasn’t too confident singing in Spanish he did look much more relaxed on stage. His mash up was fun and he looked as though as he enjoyed it.

What the judges said: Simon wasn’t blown away by the performance and did not hold back criticising the song choice. Sharon and Nicole disagreed and said they both liked the song.

2. Jack & Joel – Havana / Hasta el Amanecer medley by Camila Cabello / Nicky Jam

Jack & Joel opened last night’s live show with a mash-up of two Latin hits. Although the songs aren’t as famous in the UK, the boys did great and brought the theme to life. The duo’s vocals were also very strong and proved once again that the public was right to bring them back.

What the judges said: Sharon enjoyed the boys moves and said the song was very current, whilst Nicole also said she liked it even though it might be a bit cheesy. Mentor, Simon did not hold back and said that the boys needed to find their own style to remain in the competition.

1. Rak-Su – Dimelo

This week, Rak-Su decided to go with one of their original tracks and it paid off. The boys looked so good on stage and their song was catchy as hell. Viva Latino was no challenge for these boys as they completely smashed the target.

What the judges said: Sharon thought it was a tremendous song and that everyone adored them. Nicole added that their song could be a number one hit. Mentor Simon gave them ‘respect’.

The X Factor continues at 7pm this evening on ITV.

Sarah Bargiela
Sarah Bargiela
Sarah aka Bargi is the Assistant Editor and Music Editor for Entertainment Focus (EF).

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