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Pretty Little Liars 7×14 Power Play recap

Pretty Little Liars revealed a hell of a lot of information during its latest episode and the shocks kept escalating.

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars and want to avoid spoilers, we suggest you stop reading now. If you have seen it and want to relive all of the action, keep reading.

Daddy dearest

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) finally got the face-to-face confrontation with her father Peter (Nolan North) that she’s been waiting for. The absent father returned to Rosewood and Spencer quickly discovered that he’d been around for longer than he wanted her to know. Turns out he’d been trying to find Mary (Andrea Parker) with the help of a private detective but he hadn’t gotten all that far.

Something about Mary

Hanna (Ashley Benson) found out that her scuppered business meeting had cost Lucas (Brendan Robinson) his company and distracted herself by teaming up with Spencer to find Mary. Their search, via a call to Peter’s private investigator, led them to the doorstep of Pastor Ted (Edward Kerr) who claimed he knew nothing about Mary. As Hanna and Spencer left, Mary appeared asking Ted what the girls had wanted.

Ted surprised Hanna by showing up on her doorstep and he revealed that Mary had been staying with him. It also transpired the two had dated back in high school and that Ted had learned that Mary gave birth to his baby. Showing Hanna a photo, he told her his son was Charles aka Charlotte and Hanna queried who the other boy in the photo was. Ted told her the boy was named Lucas, at which point Hanna’s jaw hit the floor.

Pretty Little Liars 7x14
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Baby shower

Alison (Sasha Pieterse) received a visit from Detective Furey (Nicholas Gonzalez), who arrived at the school straight from Spencer’s bed!! The finger he received in the mail was Archer’s (Huw Collins) and it was removed from his body after it had started to decompose. Furey appealed to Alison to co-operate with the investigation but I highly doubt she’s going to play ball.

As if that wasn’t enough to contend with, things got a whole lot worse for Alison this week when A.D.’s board game mysteriously appeared in her house. The discovery was made when Aria (Lucy Hale) stayed over and the game selected Alison as the next turn. Putting her piece in a ‘mystery location’, the game led Alison to a baby store shortly after she’d booked an appointment to have an abortion.

Aria got a call (more on that later) so Alison went into the store alone. She was greeted by a store assistant and given a scanner so she could compile a registry for her baby shower. A.D. instructed Alison to scan 10 items to get her reward. When she handed the scanner back to the assistant, Alison was surprised when she was given a gift bag containing a present for her baby’s donor. As she lifted the necklace out of the bag, she saw Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) name on it and realised that Emily’s eggs had been put inside her.

Alison left the store in a panic, grabbing the latest puzzle piece from a mobile on the way out. She immediately told Emily what she had discovered and cancelled her abortion.

Scared of the dark

Aria quickly got over the shock of finding Nicole (Rebecca Breeds) at Ezra’s (Ian Harding) apartment and confronted him about his behaviour. Refusing to stay at his apartment while Nicole was there, Aria went to stay with Alison. She reconnected with Ezra the following day when he explained that he hadn’t told Nicole about their engagement due to the advice of her therapist but he had finally come clean with her since her unexpected visit. Nicole had also found Ezra and Aria’s book, which caused her to experience a set back.

Aria busied herself by being tempted by the dark side when she received a mysterious face-time call with a hooded figure. The person threatened to reveal information from secret files on Aria and asked her to leave Alison’s side outside of the baby store to meet them. Aria went to the location specified and climbed inside a black limo. She was greeted by the hooded person who was revealed to be Sydney (Chloe Bridges).

Sydney admitted that she shot Spencer and she created the game that the Liars are currently playing. She asked Aria to join A.D.’s team and warned her that by not doing so, she would be on the losing team. After being dropped off, Aria reunited with her friends but didn’t mention anything about her run-in with Sydney. She received a text message from A.D. asking if she had made a decision about Syndey’s offer…

Pretty Little Liars 7x14
Credit: Freeform

Sister sister

Peter Hastings may have continued to be shady this week but he did at least put an end to the mystery of who killed Jessica (Andrea Parker). According to him, it was Mary that drugged and killed her sister and she was out for revenge against Peter. He admitted that he caught her in the Hastings house one night as she targeted Spencer.

Two become one

Emily was upset to hear that Paige (Lindsey Shaw) was thinking of accepting a job in Iowa and admitted to her former lover that she thought they might have got back together. Paige learned about Alison’s abortion and decided to stick around town. She told Emily that they could race each other to decide if she stays or goes and after the girls indulged in a friendly rivalry, Paige revealed that she was staying and the two kissed.

Your turn…

The Liars crowded round the board game at the end of the episode to find out whose turn it was next. The game skipped over Aria and selected Hanna once again, which shocked them all and sent Hanna into a panic.

Pretty Little Liars continues 23rd May 2017 on Freeform in the US and 24th May 2017 on Netflix in the UK. Preview the next episode In The Eye Abides the Heart below:

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