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Prison Break 5×06 Phaeacia preview

Michael, Lincoln and the gang try to escape Yemen.


On the latest episode of Prison Break, Michael Schofield (Wentworth Miller) tried to get his group to safety.

If you want to avoid spoilers for Prison Break season 5, we suggest you stop reading now. If you don’t mind then please keep reading for a recap of episode 5 and a preview of episode 6.

The episode began with Sara (Sara Wayne Callies) making a phone call to her husband Jacob (Mark Feuerstein). She was just checking to see if he needed anything from the shops but he was fine. As she hung up the call she noticed T-Bag (Robert Knepper) stood next to her. He gave her the bad news about Kellerman and the worse news that it looked like Jacob was involved. Sara couldn’t believe it until he showed her a photo of Jacob meeting with A&W (Marina Benedict) and Van Gogh (Steve Mouzakis). She raced off to get her son.

Back in Yemen, Michael, Linc (Dominic Purcell) and the gang were trying to evade capture by ISIS. The task was made harder by the fact that they were all over the news. Nearby a mass gathered to mourn the death of their leader Abu Ramal. Cyclops (Amin El Gamal) was in attendance and the man leading the service vowed to capture the murderers. A reward of 10 million rial was offered.

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Under the cover of nightfall Michael led the group to an abandoned building to hide out. Michael tried to devise a plan to get to the train station but Linc said the plan was redundant with ISIS in control. He suggested going for the airport instead by contacting C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar).

Michael refused to listen so Linc grabbed him and dragged him into the next room. He refused to move until Michael explained the truth to him about how he was still alive. An upset Michael explained how he had to fake his death as part of a deal he made. The deal was with Poseidon, a few weeks before marrying Sara, in exchange for the rest going free. Kellerman didn’t have the power to get them freed so Michael gave up his freedom for theirs and agreed to work with Poseidon.


Michael explained to Linc that Poseidon is a psychopath that works for the CIA. He had created a cell in the CIA called 21-Void to run his own intelligence operations. Michael’s role was to break terrorists and other high-value prisoners out of prisons around the world. His sacrifice got Linc’s record cleared and prevented Michael from being in contact with anyone again. He initially refused the deal but that was what got Sara put into prison and beaten. He felt agreeing was his only way to keep those he loved out of prison and safe.

Gunfire broke out as ISIS moved closer and began to search the nearby buildings. Sid (Kunal Sharma) came in to alert them and they got ready to leave, still arguing between the airport or train station.

Meanwhile, at the airport, C-Note and Sheba (Inbar Lavi) were struggling due to the huge crowds of people trying to leave the country. Sheba wanted to look for a different option but a stubborn C-Note wanted to wait for Linc and Michael. ISIS prepared to assault the airport and Cyclops offered his help. Inside C-Note suggested that he and Sheba follow a pilot. Outside C-Note asked them to stay put while he went after the pilot himself. The pilot was confronted by armed terrorists who also spotted C-Note.

Sheba stepped in to help distracting them by saying those who killed Ramal were inside the airport and she wanted the reward. C-Note took the opportunity to put his old military combat skills into action and took the terrorists out. The pilot wondered why they had helped him and C-Note said they needed his help to escape.

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The escapees had decided to go for Michael’s plan of the train station. Linc was still insistent that they should go to the airport. Michael felt that the train station was the right option as ISIS wouldn’t expect them to go there. Linc thought it was suicide but Michael insisted they get on one of the cargo trains.

Meanwhile, Cyclops was looking over a map and wondering how the escapees would managed to leave the country. He knew the roads were blocked and that there was chaos at the airport. He noticed the train line and realised that would be the perfect way to get over the border.


Michael and the gang carried cargo as a cover to get on one of the trains. One of the ISIS fighters stopped them and demanded Linc’s boots. Sid explained that Linc didn’t have any other boots but he wouldn’t listen. Instead of complying, Linc just smashed the box he was carrying on the head of the ISIS fighter.

The group fled as other fighters shot at them. They crawled under a train and then crossed the tracks before another train sped past. They made their escape into a tunnel which Cyclops caught a photo of. He called the man in charge to bring guns and claimed he was now in charge.

Linc and Michael continued to argue about Michael’s choices. Linc still wanted to go to the airport but Michael said he trusted his own instincts more. As Michael had got them out of the prison, everyone agreed to follow Michael so Linc reluctantly followed as well.

The group took a vehicle and Whip (Augustus Prew) had plenty of questions of his own. Suddenly Cyclops crashed his vehicle into theirs. They fled into a nearby hospital as more ISIS vehicles arrived on the scene.

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As Michael looked for an exit, Linc suggested fighting back. While looking for weapons, Ja (Rick Yune) decided to drink a bottle of rubbing alcohol while listening to Queen’s ‘We are the Champions’.

Michael found a grate which may have been a way out but there were ISIS fighters there waiting. Linc said it was time to fight. Michael broke down and apologised for his actions and not asking Linc for help. Linc offered to share his brother’s burden.


Linc grabbed a pipe and gave Michael a wrench. Michael laughed that they would be going up against AK-47’s. Linc said it would be fun as he’d always wanted a crack at ISIS. They prepared to take them on but the fighters retreated when they heard Ja singing.

He walked around pouring alcohol while singing as loud as he could. The fighters were drawn to him and opened fire. A stray bullet hit a gas cylinder and ignited the alcohol and the fighters were burnt alive. Michael suggested they follow Linc’s airport idea instead.

Linc called C-Note and put Michael on the line. C-Note was pleased to hear him and said he had plenty of explaining to do. Linc said they needed 20 minutes and C-Note told them to hurry as ISIS were closing in.

Cyclops popped up with a gun and opened fire on the group. Bullets hit Sid who writhed around in pain as Cyclops taunted him. As Cyclops made a call to his terrorist friends Sid grabbed him and pulled him to the ground. Cyclops stabbed Sid and he died. Michael lost it as Cyclops laughed and beat him half to death. As they ran off Cyclops promised that they would all die.

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Elsewhere in the episode, Sara rushed to pick Mike up but Jacob turned up before she could leave. She confronted him with the photo of his meet with A&W and Van Gogh. Jacob concocted a story to explain it but Sara didn’t believe him and drove off.

Sara took Mike to a friend’s house while she wondered what to do. Her friend tried to talk sense into her. They spoke about Jacob, who the friend said was a good man, and Michael. The phone rang and Jacob left a message to see if Sara was there saying there had been a misunderstanding. Her friend suggested trying to determine if Jacob’s story was the truth.


They went to speak to the guy Jacob used to analyse Sara’s phone. He confirmed Jacob’s cover story to her surprise. She then got a call from Jacob who asked her to come to the police station.

Sara went to the police station and Jacob was waiting for her. Inside they had an identity parade where Sara was asked to identify the assassin’s. She pointed at A&W and Van Gogh.

Jacob continued his story to explain how he was trying to look after his family. He said he’d tried to bribe the assassin’s with $50,000 but they hadn’t gone for it.

At the end of the episode, back at the airport the pilot wanted to leave but C-Note asked for 5 more minutes. He refused to wait, fired up the plane and headed toward the runway. The ISIS fighters opened fire.

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As the plane began to take off C-Note spoke to Linc and apologised. Linc told him he had no choice and should leave. As the plane made it into the air, Sheba grabbed the phone to tell Linc to find Omar but he couldn’t hear her. The ISIS trucks spotted the group and gave chase as they ran off.

Check out the Prison Break 5×06 trailer below:


Here’s the synopsis for Prison Break 5×06 – Phaeacia:

As Michael, Lincoln and the remaining Ogygia gang try to escape Yemen, they find themselves racing though the desert from a vengeful Cyclops. Meanwhile, A&W and Van Gogh question their roles as their pursuit of the escapees leads them to…Graceland.

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UK viewers can watch the next episode of Prison Break season 5 on FOX UK on Mondays at 9pm. US viewers are a week ahead and can tune in to FOX on Tuesdays at 9pm ET.


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