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Secrets and Lies 2×10 The Truth preview

Eric (Michael Ealy) found out a very big secret about his father John (Terry O’Quinn) on the latest episode of Secrets and Lies.

Following the blackmail trail led Eric and Danny (Kenny Johnson) to discover that John was a bigamist with a second family they knew nothing about. Eric decided to uncover what was going on and found that John’s wife Corinne (Roxanne Hart) was undergoing treatment for terminal cancer.

John and Corinne also had a son, R.B. (Adam Kaufman), who was behind the blackmail plot against Eric after growing frustrated at his father’s other family. Corinne knew nothing about her husband’s duplicity but Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis) had put the pieces together and arrived to arrest both John and R.B.

At the police station Eric came clean to Corinne and told Amanda (Mekia Cox) and Patrick (Charlie Barnett). Corinne asked Eric to lie about R.B. so he didn’t go to prison and could be with her for her last days.

Patrick meanwhile told Cornell, and everyone in the near vicinity, that Eric pushed their mother down a flight of stairs when he was younger. Eric tried to defend himself by saying she was an aggressive drunk but the suspicion was cast back on him once again.

The season finale is The Truth. Patrick’s new reality is a major struggle. Cornell believes she has found Kate’s killer.

Tune in to W at 9pm on Tuesday to see the episode. Preview it with our gallery below:

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Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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