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Emmerdale Spoilers: Has Rhona fallen for Pierce?

Welcome to our look ahead to what’s happening in Emmerdale this week and it looks like Rhona has fallen for Pierce, David deals with his cancer treatment and Ashley’s condition takes a worrying turn.

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Has Rhona fallen for Pierce?

Vanessa is suspicious of how close Rhona and Pierce are becoming when he shows the pair round a flat he’s found.  Pierce sees Vanessa’s reaction to a photo of Kirin on her phone and sets his sights on stealing her phone with the intention of trying to locate Kirin and find out his involvement in Tess’ death.

Meanwhile, Rakesh gets bad news at work when the firm tell him they no longer want him.  To add injury to insult, he finds out that Pierce has taken his job and he’s furious.

Rhona tries to find issues with Pierce’s flat and as the pair joke, the atmosphere is charged and they nearly lock lips.  Vanessa tells Rhona that she thinks Pierce has taken her phone and that he’s out to get Kirin.  When Rhona confronts him, he denies it all, but it’s clear he is out to get justice.  Later, Vanessa finds him in her house and the pair have a tense showdown as Pierce shows off his angry side.

Vanessa later challenges Rhona as to her feelings for Pierce and she storms off home.  Pierce decides to pack his things and when Rhona catches him he tells her that he’s fallen for her and needs to move out.  Can Rhona make him stay?

Ashley abandons Arthur

Ashley Thomas, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Sandy is struggling with the loss of Edna and Ashley wants to help his dad.  He suggests to Harriet that they rename the village hall in Edna’s memory and heads off to talk to the village hall committee about the idea.

Ashley also decides to give Sandy a project and suggests that together with Arthur they build a pirate ship in the garden.  As the parts arrive, Arthur returns home early from school excited to build it.  Things don’t go quite to plan and Arthur offers to help his dad by using the saw and Ashley agrees under his supervision, but is then momentarily distracted and Arthur cuts himself.

He takes Arthur to the hospital where he struggles with the stress and heads off to find someone, leaving Arthur alone.  Shortly after, Ashley finds himself confused and ends up totally distracted when he sees Laurel who is there for a baby scan; he’s forgotten about Arthur.

The pair only realise Arthur is missing when they get home and Sandy asks where he is.  Soon the police arrive and tell the worried parents that they’ve found Arthur.  Social services are called in and soon Laurel has to tell Ashley that a social worker will be coming to assess whether Ashley is capable of looking after Arthur on his own.  How will Ashley deal with the social workers suggestions?

David receives some bad news at the hospital

Jacob & David Metcalfe, Emmerdale
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After some resistance, David finally agrees that Jacob can come with him to his first chemo session.  When they reach the hospital, David sees the young lad, Dylan that he met previously and his mood is lightened.  What David doesn’t realise is that Dylan has been down playing his illness.

Eric goes with David for his next chemo session and the pair return from hospital in a very sombre mood, with some shocking news for Jacob.  As David continues his treatment, Jacob becomes more and more obsessed with cleanliness and infection.


Diane, Doug & Eric Pollard, Emmerdale
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Diane and Doug, suggest to Eric how much money he could make if he kicked Tracy out of the B&B, leaving him thoughtful.  What he doesn’t realise is that Tracy has overheard.

Rishi sets Jai up on a date with Kusam, but Jai soon realises his dad hasn’t been totally honest.  The date is interrupted by Megan with Eliza and she revels in giving details on Jai’s past.

Chrissie tells Andy that they should go into business together, but he’s unsure of her motives when Robert’s name is mentioned.  Meanwhile, Sam unwittingly gets Chrissie’s potential biological father, Ronnie to Home Farm to fix a leak.

Aaron admits that he feels like a coward for not telling Gordon what he thought of him whilst he still had the chance.

Holly is panicked when Moira wants to get the gig tickets back from Charity.  Cain gives Moira a mini break for their anniversary.


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