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Inateck HB3001G USB Hub and Card Reader review

Smartphones are getting more powerful all the time and can now even rival tablets, laptops and desktops in functionality. Incredibly they also keep getting thinner and lighter. One area they do suffer because of this is lack of expansion ports.

Inateck are one of the companies looking to solve this problem with a range of accessories. We’ve been taking a look at their HB3001G OTG 3-port USB 2.0 Hub and Card Reader to see what it offers.

The packaging for the device specifically mentions that it’s for Samsung Galaxy devices including the S4, S5, Note 3, Note 4, Tab 4 and Tab S. However it should work well with other OTG capable devices.

For those that don’t know On-The-Go (OTG) is a specification that allows your phone to act as a host for USB devices.

Inateck HB3001G

Many add-on devices are available for smartphones but most of them only exist to connect a single type of peripheral such as a USB stick or an SD card. The HB3001G wants to be the only add-on that you carry with you.

The device itself is nice and small measuring approximately 6cmx6cmx1cm and weighs less than 60g. It’s easily small enough to slip into a pocket so that you can keep it with you. It’s also not so small that you could easily lose it.

A nice feature is that the plastic body uses smooth curves edges. It’s also been treated so that it feels soft to the touch.

One corner hosts a short wire with a mini-USB plug that use can use to attach it to your compatible phone or tablet. The opposite corner features an LED that either blinks or lights up depending on the status of the device.


Around the sides of the HB3001G are various ports for the different plugs and cards that you can attach to it. Three of these are USB 2.0 ports allowing you to connect multiple USB devices. For example you could attach a keyboard, mouse and thumb drive.

The other slots are for various types of memory cards. The HB3001G is very generous by including slots for SD(HC), Micro SD, M2 and MS cards. Having such a large selection of compatible cards is fantastic.

A final option is that the HB3001G comes with a cable to allow you to supply it with more power. This can be necessary if you are plugging in multiple cards or high-performance USB devices. The slight downside here is you need something with a USB slot to provide the extra power.

Overall we highly recommend the HB3001G to anyone looking for a way to expand the capabilities of their compatible smartphone or tablet. It’s perfect for carrying a library of photo’s or movies with you on the go.

The Inateck HB3001G is available now via the official Inateck website and can also be found at Amazon UK.

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Greg Ellwood
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