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Emmerdale Spoilers: Ross Barton is rumbled?

Here’s our guide to the week ahead in Emmerdale.

Ross Barton is Rumbled?

Robert is in for a bad week, starting when he learns that Andy has been given his father Jack’s wedding ring to be melted down.  He storms out and bumps into Aaron, telling him  to drive anywhere, but is uncomfortable when Aaron takes him to a gay bar.

Later in the week, Robert panics when Chrissie suddenly recognises Ross’ voice from the raid on Home Farm and wants to phone the police.  Robert desperately tries to calm her down, knowing the consequences.  He tells Ross that Chrissie is on to him and Ross threatens that he’ll take Robert down with him if she goes to the police and the two are soon throwing punches.

Chrissie fills Lawrence in on the situation, still seething that Robert wouldn’t let her go to the police and after she hears more about his previous misdemeanours at the salon she is more determined than ever to shop Ross to the police.  Robert rushes to warn Aaron and Ross and the latter packs to leave, but is caught by his brother Finn and confesses to him moments before the police burst in.

Lawrence hints that he has his own plans to deal with Ross and soon the Barton clan are under attack with the local abattoirs rejecting their business, an unexpected inspection at the garage and tax enquiries.  It’s Pete who makes the connection that they are being targeted because of Ross and confronts him, but as he tries to defend himself, Lawrence reveals that it’s his doing and warns that it will continue until Ross owns up.

Lawrence takes things a step further and Ross comes home to find him burning Ross’ belongings in the fire including a photo of Donna.  Realising he’s hit a raw nerve he hands Ross’ phone to Robert and tells him to destroy it.  Later it’s clear all is not as it seems, but can Robert end this dangerous feud Lawrence now has with Ross?

Archie receives a present from Rachel

Ali & Archie
Credit: ITV

Jai and Megan return home from their holiday with Archie and are met with concerns from Ali that Rachel didn’t get in touch on Archie’s birthday; something totally out of character for her.  Jai struggles to hide his guilt as she insists something must be wrong and he starts to worry that she could be right and that he should’ve asked more questions when he took Archie.  He confides his thoughts to Megan.

She decides to throw a birthday party for Archie and invites Ali and Ruby to throw them off the scent.  Jai is unconvinced it’s a good idea, but when Megan arrives at the party with a present she says has been sent by Rachel, all are pleased except Jai who worries that she might be back to claim Archie.  Later, Megan makes a confession to Jai.

Belle’s troubles continue

Belle, Edna & Vanessa
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Lisa is relieved Belle has agreed to counselling, but Zak doesn’t reveal the full story of what she did.  Keen to make amends with Edna, Zak offers to do some free work for her.

Paddy asks if Belle would help out at the vets surgery, but it’s soon clear she is struggling again.  Vanessa grows frustrated with her poor attitude at work and suggests Paddy has a word with her.  When Edna arrives and tells Pearl about her missing brooch, a paranoid Belle snaps, causing Vanessa to hastily intervene.  Later, Paddy finds Belle crying and is thrown when she tells him what Vanessa has said to her.


Harriet & Finn
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Harriet turns detective to find Finn’s mum.

Adam Barton returns from prison to a warm welcome from all but Ross.

Kirin tells Rakesh that he doesn’t want to go to university and a disbelieving Rakesh blames Vanessa.

Val hosts a casino night, but the turnout isn’t what she expected.


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