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Christmas in Emmerdale; Teasers

Those lovely people at ITV have given us a sneaky tease of what the big storylines will be this Yuletide for our favourite fictional Yorkshire village.  Here’s what’s in store for some of your favourite characters:

Robert continues to make himself known in the village, with the animosity with his brother, Andy, showing no sign of letting up.  Andy is due to marry Katie on Christmas Day, surely Robert can’t ruin their happily ever after at this wedding too?

Aaron  has had a turbulent comeback to the village, getting himself involved, voluntarily and involuntarily, with a raid on a nightclub, a chop-shop and a bungled faux raid on Home Farm. But will Aaron now find himself in a relationship that presents danger of a different kind?

As the pressure  mounts from Ali and Ruby, as to the welfare and whereabouts of Rachel,  Jai  will struggle to explain how he got his son back, fearful as he considers exactly what the truth may be. Jai confides in partner Megan, but will Jai’s potentially incriminating admission see Megan hotfoot it to the police? Or will she prove to be his saviour by finding a way to throw his doubters off guard?

Marlon and Laurel haven’t had the best start to married life with April causing a chasm to grow between the two.  With Marlon unable to focus on anything other than his daughter, will he lose sight of his wife’s needs causing her to turn her attentions elsewhere? Meanwhile, Laurel’s ex, Ashley , is having an altogether happier time, as he and new vicar, Harriet, enjoy their newfound relationship. But just as things seem to be going well for the couple, will something happen to disrupt their blossoming romance?

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