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Emmerdale Spoilers: Andy welcomes brother Robert with a punch!

There’s a new family with a familiar face arriving in the village this week, much to Andy’s disgust plus Charity has to decide what do about Sam and also find a new home.  It’s our look at the week ahead in Emmerdale.

Andy welcomes brother Robert with a  punch!

Katie is suspicious about what Kerry is up to and is soon staggered to read her published article about Katie’s past misdemeanours and is incredulous to hear of her plans for a sequel!  Still it’s not all bad news as Katie and Andy plan on using some of Kerry’s magazine money towards their wedding.  Plus Andy is given some security work around Home Farm to help bring the money in.

It’s whilst at Home Farm that Andy encounters a new family in the form of Lawrence White (who appeared in the show recently as Edna’s husband’s former lover) and his daughter Chrissie, plus her rather familiar looking (or not as it’s a different actor playing him!) fiancé – Robert Sugden.  That’s right Andy’s brother who years ago slept with Katie behind Andy’s back.

Katie is confused by her feelings at seeing Robert again and he revels in winding her and Andy up, which ends in a punch up between the arch rivals Andy and Robert.  Protective father Lawrence clearly isn’t a fan of Robert and sees his opportunity to split his daughter and Robert up deciding to move to the village much to Edna’s concern.

Charity Case

Charity & Moira
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Still recovering from her kidnap, Charity has to make a decision on whether or not to protect Sam or tell DI Bails all when he comes knocking at the Dingles place.  She also has to deal with Noah rejecting her as he believes she left him voluntarily and has had enough and wants to stay with Debbie.

As the week progresses, she learns that Jai has awoken and is further stressed when Jimmy tells her the Insurance Assessors are up at Home Farm and soon tell her that she must sell the estate leaving her homeless.  She turns to old flame Cain who reluctantly takes her in at his and Moira’s place much to a bemused Moira who had planned a saucy night in with him, but is less than impressed when he turns up with Charity in tow.

Determined to make Charity pay her way, Moira tells her she will now be mucking in with the farm chores and is surprised how well she mucks in and out until Maxine turns up and demands more money from Moira.  Has she made a mistake refusing to give her more and will it be Adam who pays the price?

Megan tricks Leyla into a confession

Megan & Leyla
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Suspicious of why Leyla was visiting Jai at the hospital last week, Megan resorts to dirty tricks to force her to confess that she is having an affair with Jai.  She tells Leyla that Jai has died and Leyla crumbles and ends up spilling the beans about their fling.

With Jai awakening from his coma, Megan confronts him about his affair, but he only manages to make matters worse.  Megan decides to change the lock on the office door to send a signal to Leyla that their business partnership is over.  Katie tells Leyla that she needs to put Jai behind her and fight for her business.  Leyla tells Megan how Jai truly loves Megan and not her, but will Megan be convinced?


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Lisa returns from her calming stay with Lizzie and turns to diet pills to help her lose weight before Belle’s return home.

Vanessa uses a blind date to make Kirin jealous.  Will it push the pair back together?

James receives word Ross was seen in Leeds and sets off searching for his son.

Jimmy finally tells Nicola about his commitment to baby Carl.  How will she react?

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