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Emmerdale Spoilers: Charity abducted and left for dead

Well, well, well so Declan didn’t drown after all and came back to make sure that Charity’s life was ruined.  It seems he’s not quite through with her this week as things take a very dark turn for her.  Read on to find out what lies in store this week in Emmerdale.

Charity abducted and left for dead

After last week’s showdown with her family and Jai, Charity has been well and truly ostracised and has never been more hated.  Things are made worse when her solicitor arrives unannounced with a  DVD which shows Declan confessing all her dastardly deeds.  The solicitor tells her that copies have already been sent to the police and insurers, explaining there will now be a full investigation, sending Charity into a panic that she’s about to lose everything so she plans to flee.

She drives along a country road leaving the village behind her but sees a stationary car blocking her way and when she gets out to see what’s going on she is whacked over the head by a mystery assailant.  Could it be Declan come to finish her off?  Megan getting revenge for Charity destroying her family?  Debbie or Cain wanting to teach her a lesson?  Sam or Jai angry for her sending away Rachel and Archie?  Or even Zak – he did the same to Cain when he’d gone too far.

Charity comes to, finding herself in a old shipping container, but still unsure of who’s kidnapped her thinking it must be Declan.  Meanwhile, the police arrive in the village to talk to her and are given the cold shoulder from the Dingle clan who couldn’t seem more uninterested.  It seems that Jimmy is the only one keen to find out where she is as he’s worried about their business and even more worried when it turns out she never made it to her hotel booking.

Time is running out for Charity as her captor is involved in a life threatening accident of their own, but will they mention Charity and her location to someone else in the nick of time or is this really Charity’s last breath?

Rakesh tries to win Priya’s heart

Rakesh & Priya
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After their aborted wedding and then night of passion, Rakesh is determined to win Priya’s heart but does Priya want to be won over?  When Priya says she can’t meet up with him and Leyla steps in to pretend to be his wife at a business function, it’s not looking good.  However, it seems finding the green eyed monster has made Priya hatch a plan and the pair start dating in secret.

Unfortunately for Rakesh, Kirin is listening in to their conversation and decides to use this as leverage against his dad who has asked him to cool things with Vanessa.  He starts by asking his dad for some money for a trip, but then infuriates him by buying a new car instead.  He even goes as far as damaging Rakesh’s car in the hope that he’ll be allowed to keep the new one!

Moira is blackmailed

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Still worried about why Adam hasn’t sent her a visiting order from prison, Moira is shocked this week when a woman named Maxine arrives at the farm telling her that her son shares a cell with Adam, but there might be a problem.  As they begin to talk, Moira becomes suspicious and is left reeling when Maxine suggests they work out a deal for Adam’s wellbeing.

Later in the week Moira hears that Adam’s been in another fight in prison and worries she may have to do something, but will she give in to Maxine’s demands?  Either way Moira is determined to handle this situation on her own despite Aaron urging her to tell Cain.

Doug puts his foot in it


Diane & Doug
Credit: ITV

As his celebrity status as the newest online vlogger on the block rises, Doug asks Diane if he can hold his Q&A at the Woolpack.  Convenient or trying to impress?  Katie finally gets Diane to admit to her that she does have feelings for Doug, but doesn’t want to hurt him after what happened last time round.

Doug’s vlogging isn’t smooth sailing and he manages to put his foot in it annoying both his followers and causing his new sponsors to pull out of his show.  Diane feels sorry for him as he reads abuse from his fans following the mistake and he tells her he’s giving it up, but will she let him do that so easily?


Bernice & Kerry
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Kerry is up to her old tricks when she decides to try and sell Charity’s story to a weekly woman’s magazine, but after talking to Bernice decides to use Katie as her muse and the story about her fling with Andy’s brother Robert from years back.  We doubt either Andy or Katie will be happy if it goes to print and was that Bernice getting revenge?

Speaking of Katie and Andy, the pair announce this week they’ve booked their wedding venue.


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